Marking 100 days!

We LOVED making a number 100 with 100 Magna tiles on our 100th day of preschool!

Making Cloud Splats

We enjoyed reading Little Cloud by Eric Carle and It looks Like Spilt Milk by Charles Shaw and then making our own “cloud splats”! ¬†We dripped on our white paint, folded the paper and rubbed, then opened it to see what it looked like!

Easel painting is the BEST!

We had so much fun ¬†painting Cat in the Hat, and rainbows, as well as using neon paint to make solar systems at the easel! We love watching our friends paint, and admiring their work as we patiently wait our turn! Our favorite part is looking at all our paintings on the walls and noticing how different each person’s is even though we all used the same paints:)

We LOVE our class!

As usual, we LOVED building with Magna Tiles..but also working with trains, pattern blocks and coloring Frozen and Lego movie sheets with our new sparkle crayons:)

Being the Cat in the Hat!

We had SO much fun using our “Cat Cam” app on our class iPad to create these fun pictures:)