What’s inside of Bob and Larry??

We had special visitors in preschool on Friday! To celebrate  Vv week, Mrs. Vowles brought in our favorite vegetables: the REAL Bob the Tomato and  Larry the Cucumber! (BUT we KNOW that Bob is REALLY a FRUIT) .  Then we cut Bob and Larry open to see what they looked like inside ( DON”T worry, it didn’t hurt them a BIT!), and our favorite part: WE got to TASTE a piece of Bob and Larry if we wanted to 🙂

Erupting our Volcano!

We had so much fun making our “volcano” ERUPT! The volcano’s body was made by Mrs. Vowles’ son Jack out of Model Magic which was molded around a paper cup.  Inside the cup we put some baking soda,  a little dish-washing liquid, and some red food coloring.  Then  we poured in some white vinegar and watched the chemical reaction make our volcano spew “magma” over the sides.   Then we all got to put our fingers in if we wanted to see what the “magma” felt like:)  It was fun realizing our volcano wasn’t even hot!

Our Class Quilt!

Thank you Mrs. Stiteler for putting in so much extra time working on our class quilt!  To celebrate letter Qq”s “best friend” Uu, we wrote our names on material squares, and Mrs, Stiteler took them home and sewed the front of our quilt together! Then she showed us how the batting is inserted to make it “pouffy”and we watched her cut and sew the backing material on to our quilt.  We love you Mrs. Stiteler!