Making “Magic hands”!

We had so much fun honoring Cc week with Color Mixing! We read the book Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh, and then we painted one hand one primary color, the other another primary color; rubbed them together and ….marveled as we created a secondary color right before our very eyes! Yay us:)

Teddy Bear Picnic!

It was so much fun bringing our teddies or another stuffed friend to school for a party!  We left our “guests” in our classroom when we went to the gym, but when we were done, our teddies had disappeared! We looked all over the school for them and finally found them having a picnic! Those SILLY teddies!  It was fun sitting down and snacking on Teddy Grahams with them! Great fun was had by B OTH owners and stuffed friends:)

Creation Book Day 3!

We had a great time using our scissors for the first time to cut grass and trees for our Creation Day 3 page in our books!

Hand Arm Apple Trees!

We LOVED making apple trees this week! Our arms were painted brown to be the tree “trunk”, our hands were the tree “top” and then we used our finger dipped in red paint to make apples on it 🙂 Fun was had by all!

Fun with creative tools!

We LOVED using our dotters and crayons this week! Yup, you guessed it: MORE Chester activities! Do you know that raccoons eyes GLOW in the dark? WE DO!! Preschool LOVES learning new “fun facts”!

Preschool hard at work!

We LOVED reading The Kissing Hand this week! WE learned what the word “nocturnal” means, and had a great time doing a sorting activity about day and night and making a “Chester” puppet to remind of our FIRST preschool story:)