Then we each took a turn giving our batter a stir, and into the oven our muffins went! They were delicious!

Baking it Up!

We had so much fun baking Pumpkin Spice Muffins  with the “cooked Mr. Pumpkin”!  “He” was the first ingredient we added to our “batter bowl”…


Checking out Mr. Pumpkin

Oh what a great time we had cutting open Mr. Pumpkin and checking out the seeds and pulp he had inside…Then Mrs. Stiteler took him home to cook him up for pumpkin muffins!


Pumpkin Picking Fun!

We had so much fun on our field trip to Three Cedars Farm!  We picked pumpkins, ate cider and donuts  and played on the playground! A great time was had by all:)


Painting with our Elbows!

Oh what fun we had painting with our ELBOWS!! We got to pick what color paint we wanted to used and then used our elbows as dotters! Haha! What fun it is to be a 4 year old:)


Cranbrook Fun!

We LOVED taking our first ride in the “big yellow bus” to Cranbrook Science Museum where we visited the Bat Zone!

Graphing our Eye Color!

To celebrate “Ee” week, we looked at our IRISES (Yup, we know that the iris is the colored part of our eye! It was part of our Teaching Board this week) and made a class graph to see what the most popular eye color was in our classroom! We LOVED looking in the mirror to check our eyes!  We also turned the lights off and on, to watch our pupils get bigger and smaller:)

We Love iPads!

We LOVED it when Ms. Bosch came for a visit and brought iPads with her! iPads are a great source of fine motor skill and problem solving practice! We can’t WAIT for iPad to come again!