Working hard in preschool!

We worked SO hard waercoloring our turkeys in celebration of Thanksgiving!  We love having our own set of watercolors and worked slowly, doing our best job! We love watching the water in our cup turn different colors as we rinse our brush to “switch colors”.  Controlling our paintbrush is excellent fine motor practice too!


Discovering Native Americans

We had a great time exploring life as a Native American this week! It was fun learning about teepees! We talked about what they were made of, and how they stayed up; then got to try on a real Native American  shirt.

Making Veggie Turkeys!

Oh what fun we had making “Veggie Turkeys”!  His body was a potato that we painted brown, and his feathers were green pepper that we dipped in different colors of paint!

All Clean!

Washing, Washing…

…then we started washing the golf balls that we used in our painting project last week…they were covered in paint and very “dirty”, just like Harry was…

Fun in the sensory table!

We had so much fun using our sensory table to experience washing something just like Harry the Dirty Dog was washed in the play we saw on Monday! We each had a bucket that we filled with soap…….


More Scarecrow Fun!

We also enjoyed practicing our problem solving skills by putting together scarecrow puzzles with a partner:) Hooray, for Scarecrow Day!

Happy Scarecrow Day!

We LOVED celebrating Scarecrow Day in preschool!  Our story for the day was Margaret Wise Brown’s Little Scarecrow Boy and BOY did we have a great time! It was fun peeking through the scarecrow that Mrs. Vowles and Mrs. Stiteler made just for this occasion:)