Mailing our cards and taking a peek…

Then we waited for our turn to put our cards in the mailbox for the postal workers to deliver. We pulled the handle, put our card in the chute, then “took a peek” to make sure it really went in:) Then it was back to school for the rest of a fun day! Thank you Southfield Post Office  for being so patient with us!

Off to the Post Office!

Then we made our way in small groups to the Soutfield Post Office:)  We waited in line patiently, for our turn at the desk, then the postal worker helped us pick out a stamp, affix it to where it needed to go on our card, took our money and gave us our change and receipt….

Getting our “Hug” cards ready…

To get ready to go to the post office, we stuffed our Hug cards into their envelopes, sealed them up, took a few minutes to read The Giant Hug by s Sandra Horning  to get an understanding of how the post office works, then we were off in small groups of seven so as to NOT overwhelm the Southfield Post office 🙂

Delivering our Valentines!

Then we all got a chance to dress as a postal worker and “deliver” our valentine cards:) Preschool is SO much fun!


Graphing Candy Hearts too!

We had a fun time graphing our individual bag of candy hearts too!  No two bags were the same! We had to sort our hearts by color, then count, and then color in the right number of boxes with the appropriate color of crayon…we worked steadily and patiently..good for us!

Graphing Our Special Breakfast!

After we ate, we made a graph of what we preferred for breakfast! Did we ONLY like pancakes, or did we ONLY like sausage, or did we like BOTH?  See if you can discover which category won…

Our Valentine Breakfast!

We LOVED celebrating Valentine’s Day with a special breakfast featuring heart shaped pancakes! Mrs. Vowles cooked, and Mrs. Stiteler served us  as we waited patiently in line for our food:)