How Tall are We??

We LOVED getting measured during Tt week! We had already seen how tall we were back in September so it was fun doing it again….

And then we compared how tall we were in September, to how tall we were now…..The verdict: We GREW!!!

Celebrating Ss week in the Sensory table!

We had so much fun making our sensory table the center of celebration for Ss week! We had soap suds in our table ¬†on Monday…

And cooked spaghetti noodles in our table on Wednesday! Great fun was had by ALL!

Painting Rainbows

We love painting at the easel! To complete our R is for Rainbow unit, we put all the colors of the rainbow in our easel trays and carefully followed the order of the rainbow colors. We mixed purple and blue to make Indigo paint, and we were ready to go!

Experiencing a GREEN Breakfast!

We had so much fun celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday by making some green eggs!

First, we cracked our egg into the bowl….

Then, we stirred them up with the green food coloring!

After that, we very carefully cooked them up in the skillet under CLOSE supervision of Mrs. Stiteler….

When they were all cooked, we sat down with our partner and enjoyed our green breakfast! Mrs, Vowles also made green pancakes, and brought sausage! We had an awesome time celebrating Dr. Seuss!