Making Magic Hands!!

We LOVED celebrating Cc week with a sensory experience for color mixing! We read Mouse Paint by Ella Stoll Walsh, then we decided to mix our own colors!

First, we painted each of our hands ONE primary color….

Then we showed our “magic Hands” and said CHEESE for the camera….

Next we rubbed our hands together…..

And TA-DA!  Just like MAGIC when our two PRIMARY colors mixed, we created a new SECONDARY color!

And our “Magic Hands” project is all done! Great, MESSY fun was had by all!

Corduroy Button Sequencing

After reading the book Corduroy during Bb week, we worked on our math skills by glueing the number of buttons on each bear that was “on his tummy”. We had to pay good attention and count one button at a time…AND we learned that when we use real glue: A LITTLE drop will DO!

Bubble Blowing Fun!

We LOVED Making Bubble Art during Bb Week! ¬†First, we BLEW colored bubbles with our straw…..

THEN we “caught” our bubbles with our paper….

And look what we made!!! We LOVE celebrating the Letter Bb by blowing Beautiuful colored


Making new friends and exploring our room!

We had so much fun making new friends and checking out all the cool things in our new classroom!

Cutting Apples During Aa Week!

It was so much fun to explore what the inside of an apple looks like! We each had a turn sitting with Mrs. Stiteler as we used the knif to cut our apple in half and then into quarters…then we looked to find how many seeds we had!