What’s Cookin’ in Preschool?!

Baking Pumpkin muffins in preaschool was AWESOME!  First we put on the chef hats and aprons that Mrs. Stiteler made us so we looked like real chefs, then we took a fun class picture….

then we divided into two groups and started putting in our ingredients: we needed sugar..

Oil, which we had to pour VERY carefully!

3 eggs….

and pumpkin of course! YES, this is the REAL Mr. Pumpkin that has been cooked down until he looked like applesauce, (thank you Mrs. Stiteler!)…

then flour…

Then our “little” ingredients: baking soda, cinnamon, baking powder,salt and vanilla:

Next it was STIRRING time! We ALL got a turn….

and down to the oven we marched to bake our muffins! They were delicious!

Cooking in preschool is AWESOME!

At the Pumpkin Patch!

We had so much fun on our first field trip!  We got on the big yellow bus and set out to Three Cedars Farm in Nothville!  The first thing we did was take a class picture on the hay…

…then we got on the hayride cart to take us out to the pumpkin patch….

Then we found our own SPECIAL pumpkin!

Then the YUMMY part: eating donuts and cider! Thanks for the GREAT time Three Cedars!

Making Dalmatian Pudding!

We had SO much fun making Dalmatian pudding to celebrate Dd week!   We talked about a certain type of dog with white spots called a DALMATIAN, who often helps firefighters…. Then, we drew a Dalmatian face on our pudding cup and cut out our dalamatian ears:

Then, we put the pudding mix in and STIRRED!

Then we put in some mini chocolate chips for our dalmation “spots”, and finished it all up by licking the spoon! It was YUMMY!