Sensory Table Fun!

During Hh week we read one of our favorite books : Harry the Dirty Dog by Gene Zion; then we decided to see how something can turn from very dirty, like Harry got in our story, to nice and clean, like he did at the end of the book! We decided to was the golf balls we had used from our golf ball paintings last week! Here is our washing adventure!

First, we squirted soap into our washing bucket:

Then we ran the water in it to make suds…

..and it was time to get the golf balls that were covered in paint….

then we scrubbed just like the children did with Harry….

And LOOK! Nice and clean! We have white golf balls again! Our room smelled SUPER nice after this fun event 🙂 Thanks Harry, for the fun idea!

Scarecrow Day Comes to PK!

We love celebrating the Harvest season in preschool!  After our pumppkin unit, we decided to devote a fun day learning about scarecows and having some fun with this hay stuffed guy who guards the farmer’s fields by making his best FIERCE face(GREAT Ff word, huh!?) We started the day with pretending we were a real scraecrow by posing with the scarecrow board that Mrs. Stiteler and Mrs. Vowles made:

Then we read The Little Scarecrow Boy by Margaret Wise Brown :

It was time to have some fun now! We made yummy scarecow cookies to have later for snack:

It was awesome practicing our fine motor skills when we made construction paper scarecrows with OUR very OWN face! We got to use REAL glue-it was pretty messy!

All Done: Don’t we look great as a scarecrow?

Then we practiced problem solving skills, by putting together some scarecrow puzzles….it was challenging for some of us, but we kept on going! Scarecrow day was awesome!