Making Gingerbread Cookies

As part of our Christmas festivities we made and decorated gingerbread cookies! Fist, we read a few different versions of the classic story , The Gingerbread Man…

Then we started working with our pre-made dough! First we pressed it into a big enough circle to fit our gingerbread man cookie cutter on…

Then we pulled the extra dough away so our Gingerbread Man would look awesome…..

Then it was time to decorate our Gingerbread man with mini-m and m’s! We loved making up stories about our creation as we decorated..some were girl cookies, some were boy cookies, and some were superhero Gingerbread cookies!

The Nativity Story, the PK way..

We enjoyed acting out the story of Jesus’ birth by dressing in costume…we did our Nativity Play twice: the first time, half of us were in costume, and the other half were the audience; then we switched roles for our second performance…. ENJOY!

PK Nativity Story: Take One:

Cast 2! Our roles are reversed!

Celebrating with Sequential Christmas Trees!

We loved creating Christmas trees by sequencing various lengths of green paper from largest to smallest! Then we used our finger to make snow on our tree! We love creating in preschool!

First we sequenced our paper longest to shortest…

Nice Job!

Then we added some snow!