Bubble Wrap Snow Man

Oh how much fun it was to make a snowman from bubblewrap!!

Fist, we ainted the bubble wrap snowman shape with white paint, and “stamped” him:

..Then we put on all the extras to make our snowman OURS: a hat, mittens, buttons, and any other accessories we felt like adding 🙂

..And here are our Bubblemen!!

Pajama Day Fun!

We loved coming to school in our pajamas this week! Our special day was based on the theme of Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed by  Eileen Christelow, so we made an awesome monkey craft to start….

First we painted two paper plates brown. One for the head of our monkey and one for the body…

Then it was time to cut and glue our monkey pieces on…

And here they are!

Then it was time to make Monkey Bread! We headed down to the kitchen, where we each got 2 uncooked biscuits, tore them into pieces and made dough balls with them..

Then into our ziploc bags they went, and we shook them around in the cinnamon sugar that was inside….

We put our dough into muffin cups, and into the oven went our Monkey Breads…

Oh did they smell good! Then back to our room we went to eat our treat!

Pajama Day is awesome! (Bed drawn by Mrs. Stiteler.)

Let’s Juice! Celebrating Ll week!

Oh boy it is cold outside, so let’s have a little warm up by making some lemon and limeade this week in PK!  We had to work hard to do the juicing….

But oh how we enjoyed tasting the “fruit” of our labors!  Lemonade was the most popular…but we did love that the limes were green both inside and out!