Valentines Pancake Breakfast Day!

We loved celebrating Valentine’s Day by cooking pancakes in the shape of a heart! We each poured our own batter into the heart shape mold, and  enjoyed eating breakfast with our classroom family!

Then we graphed our FAVORITE part of our breakfast! Did we like pancakes only, sausage only, or pancakes AND sausage??

Pancakes AND sausage WON!

Then it was time to dress up like a postal worker and deliver our valentines! It was a great celebration, preschool style!

Our Trip to the Post Office!

What a great experience we had going to the post office!  In honor of Valentine’s Day we wanted to send a special card to someone we love in the mail.  We read The Giant Hug by Sandra Horning and thought how much fun it would be to send a “hug” like Owen did….but we couldn’t hug everyone in the post office which is what happened in the story..hmmmm…..

…So instead we toook some hug pictures to make into a card to put in the mail….

Then we wrote out our cards to our special person…it was HARD work! We had to write very small and very neatly! We stuffed them into envelopes, gave them a lick to seal them, and before we left, “mapped” out where everyone’s hug was gong, so we could see how far each one had to travel!  Simeon’s went the farthest-it had to cross an ocean to get to the Netherlands!

Then off we went to the post office in three small groups, so we didn’t make too much noise and weren’t to disruptive to the goings on of the postal workers. We waited in line patiently, and when it was our tun we picked out our stamp, paid our money, and got our change back!

Then it was time to drop them down the mail chute! A friend mailed two cards since we were missing someone that day…then we took a peek to make sure they went down, and home to SCS we went! What a fun day and a special surprise for whoever got our mail!