Making Toast!

It was so much fun having an experience with the toaster during Tt week! We talked about the differences between toasted and untoasted bread at circle time, then got ready to be called to the “Toaster Table”!  We put our slices of bread down and waited excitedly for it to POP up!

Then we chose Srawberry or Grape Jelly and…ate it up!

Making Green Eggs!

It was fun celebrating Dr. Seuss month by making green eggs! First,

we read Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss..

Then it was time to get started making our green eggs!  We started by cracking our egg into a bowl..everyone had a partner to work with!

Then it was time to stir in the green food coloring……..

We carefully cooked our eggs in the skillet…each taking a turn to stir…

Then it was time to taste our green eggs!

Pizza With Pop!

We loved celebrating “Pp” week by making pizzas with some special guests!  We invited our dads (and in some cases our grandpas) to come in and have an experience with us! To start our special night, we took a special picture with our guest!

Then we did a floor puzzle together! Using teamwork on a special night is fun!

Now for the fun part! Making our pizza!

Mr. Vowles and Max brought our pizzas back from the oven and then it was time to eat!