Howdy Friends! It’s Western Day!

Oh ow we loved dressing up as cowboys and cowgirls this week to pretend we were out on the range for the day!  We did lots of fun activities like roasting jumbo marshmallows over Mrs. V’s tissue paper campfire! (There was a flashlight in the middle that made it look like it was really lit up!)

We had a great time taking pictures in our Western gear!

And using teamwork! We all were given a part of a giant Cowboy to color! Some of us colored the boots, or the hat, or the face and scarf, or the belt buckle and pants, or the lasso! We did a great job! Then we took pictures of our group with our finished cowboys!  Saddle up Preschool! Western Day rocked!

The United States Puzzle!

It’s “Uu” week and we are learning about the United States of America by putting together a special puzzle of the US!  We each had 2 pieces, and listened carefully to the description of which state came next for clues if it was our piece…we cheered each other on as everyone’s pieces were called, and then CELEBRATED when the puzzle was finished! Yay Preschool!



Checking out the Tornado bottle!

During Ww week we talked about some different kinds of weather, and Tornados, or “Twisters” as we like to call them really interested us!  We had a fun time using the tornado bottle: which is 2 two liter soda bottles connected with a tornado tube. Give the colored water inside it a big swirl and get ready to see the TWISTER!


Our special Wiggly guests!

Who better to have  as a special guest during Ww week you ask? Why some real LIVE worms! Nightcrawlers to be exact! We loved feeling them wiggling around on our fingers and on our plastic spoons! Great fun was had by all!

U is for Uniforms!

We loved dressing up in different community helper uniforms to celebrate Uu week and our field trip to the fire station!  We picked a friend to dress up with and then took some fun group shots!

That’s Called Teamwork!

It was a fun surprise to get to Phys Ed on Friday and find out we would keep celebrating Tt week by using team work to build with our stacking buckets! Good job friends!