Mouse Paint!

Oh boy did we love reading Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh! It was about some silly mice that jumped into some primary colored paints and them mixed themselves up with each other, amking new colors appear!

We decided to pretend we were the mice and chose two primary colors to dip our hands into. One color for each hand…

Then we rubbed our hands together just like the mice did when they danced in the paint puddles….

TAADAAA! Check out the new color we made!

Teddy Bear Picnic!

Oh did we have a great time having a Teddy Bear Picnic! We started our day by taking a special picture with our bears:)

We also made coffee bears! Some of us had never smelled coffee! And boy do we LOVE using REAL white glue! We got to use a lot of it too, so our coffee would stick on to our bear! Usually “a LITTLE drop will do”, but not today:)

We made dotter bears too!

Then we read The Teddy Bear Picnic by Jimmy Kennedy and it was off to Physical education for us! But guess what?! While we were in the big gym…our Teddy Bears decided to have a picnic of their own! We couldn’t find them at first…but then there they were, having a great time at their picnic! Those silly teddies!

Ten Apples Up On Top!!

After reading the story Ten Apples Up On Top, by Dr. Seuss, we made a fun project! First, we had to look in the mirror and see what color our face was, then we took markers and made all the features a face needs….

Then we used our glue sticks to put our ten apples on top! There were 5 green, and five red apples! Some of us made patterns, some of us didn’t…applesup












Apple Prints!

It was SO cool when we cut an apple in half “short-wise” and saw it had a STAR in the middle! We made some fun apple prints to try and catch the star on our paper!

Shaving Cream FUN!

There is nothing like a little shaving cream snesory experience to start a great day in preschool off right!