Making Green Eggs!

Oh Boy was it fun making Green Eggs to celebrate Dr. Seuss month! First we each cracked an egg with our partner into the bowl….

Then Mrs. Schoon added the green food coloring…

Then we stirred up our eggs and watched them turn GREEN!

Then into the skillet they went! We all took a “safe stir”!We knew NOT to touch the skillet in any way!

Then it was time to eat our Green Eggs and…Sausage!

We LOVE Dr. Seuss month!

Painting the Cat in the Hat!

Oh boy was it fun painting the Cat in the Hat at the easels to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday! We opened all FOUR sides of our easel because we all couldn’t wait to paint! we only had four colors of paint in our tray: Gray, black, white and red!

And away we go!

Parents! Make sure you check out our finished paintings in the entranceway of the JWest door! They’re awesome!