Making Gingerbread Boys (and Girls!)

It was so awesome making gingerbread man cookies during the last week before Christmas break:) First Mrs. Vowles made the dough on Tuesday, while our five day friends watched.


Then we all got a piece of gingerbread and started pressing it until our gingerbread man cookie cutter could fit completely…then we pushed it straight down..

Then while we held down our cookie cutter, we pulled the extra dough away from the sides…

Then it was time to decorate our cookies with mini m and ms! A couple of us used raisins…..

And…TAAADAAAAA! We all had a Gingerbread cookie to bake! We made sure they DIDN’T run away!

Christmas Crafting!

We have had a lot of fun with Christmas trees in preschool this month! We painted sparkly trees with glitter paint and also made Christmas trees from sequentially laid strips of paper, starting fro m the longest and going to the shortest!  Great critical thinking and creativity flowed!

Let’s Glitter Paint!

Now which one is longer?

Our Christmas Concert!

Finally! Here they are! Pictures from our awesome Christmas Concert!  We were SO proud of ourselves!