Making Lemonade and Limeade!

It was fun doing something “summery” in  the cold month of January! We decided to juice lemons and limes and make some lemonade and limeade to see which we liked best! First we all gathered around and compared what lemons and limes look like on the inside and the outside.  Then we checked out the juicers! We knew we would need to use our super strong arm muscles to get the job done! We also saw that lemons give more juice than limes. Then we got started! Some of us juiced lemons and some of us juiced limes.

Then we put our juice in pitchers and mixed it with ice and sugar so it wouldn’t be sour and tested it out! We discovered that we love lemon and limeade both just the same! We also loved pouring our juice by ourselves from our pitchers that were just our size! It was a great preschool ,morning and boy did our room sell nice!

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