Making Green Eggs!

We DO so like Green Eggs (and Sausage)!   Seuss was on the loose in PK  this week as we all wore green to school, then gathered around to listen to Green Eggs and Ham and watch how we were going to make our own green eggs!

Then we started cracking our eggs! We each had a partner, and we wore the crowns and place mats we made during Qq week when we learned about Queen Esther’s big dinner she made for King Xerxes.  After our eggs were in the bowl….

…then Mrs. Schoon added the color, and it was time to stir them! Oh how we loved it when our yellow eggs turned green right before our eyes!

And into the skillet they went! We were careful NOT to touch the pan as we carefully stirred our green eggs until they were cooked then we put them on our plate with sausage on the side!

Then it was time to dig in!  Almost all of us loved our eggs and we all had a great time!





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