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Ready, Set, Hands on LEARNING!

Our four year old program at Southfield Christian School is a developmentally appropriate experience; incorporating the perfect  combination of hands on  academics, and sensory fun, as well as plenty of time to PLAY!  Dramatic play, manipulative play, imaginative play; they all are SO beneficial for young children in their development! They learn to problem solve, be cooperative with other classmates,  learn to bond, and develop a positive approach to active learning.  Sensory experiences help children explore the world, and learn how it works.  There is NOTHING better than watching a child’s face as I finish reading The Very Quiet Cricket; when we finally hear him “chirp” at the  end; or when a youngster who is reluctant to get messy FINALLY puts his hands into that white glue and liquid starch mixture, squealing with delight as it becomes “silly putty”.  At SCS, we use scissors, paint, and glue on a regular basis, and give our pencils a great workout as well, learning to write our letters and numbers.  We have Music  and Physical Education classes, and we LOVE to take field trips as well.  Identifying and writing numbers, as well as learning other math concepts such as “more and less” are part of our center times, and each day includes heavy phonics fun too!  Hands on science is how we do it in preschool: “erupting” our homemade volcano or seeing what’s inside…oh what fun!  Of course, our favorite thing of ALL is learning about God’s Word and how much He loves us! Come on along with us and experience the world through the eyes of a four year old! You won’t be disappointed!

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