Pizza With Our Pop!

Oh boy did we have a BIG event in Preschool! To get ready for our fun night with our dads we started by making a special craft to put on our bulletin board! Since we would be making pizzas that night we crafted a chef of ourselves holding a “pizza”. The two pieces of pepperoni had 2 reasons we loved our dad typed on them…we put them up on the board, wrote a special message to dad so he would know what to do when we got to school that night and got our special event underway…

When we first got to school with daddy, Mrs. Schoon took a special picture of us with him, then it was time to make our pizzas!

When they were ready for the oven, we played across the hall with Dad while Mr. Vowles, and Jack and Max(Mrs. Vowles’ sons) cooked the pizzas!

Then it was time to eat!

A great time was had by all! We love you dad!

Hi Mr. Pumpkin!

In keeping with our Pumpkin unit, Mrs. Vowles brought in a special guest for us to meet: it was the GIANT Mr. Pumpkin! First, we checked him out and noticed he had lines on hom..he wasn’t smooth..

Then we painted our interpretation of him at the easels, ONLY using yellow paint(for pumpkin flowers), brown paint (for the dirt the pumpkins sit on), green paint(for the vine), and orange paint (for Mr. Pumpkin)…it was fun to see that EVERY painting was different even though we all used the same colors and were painting the same Mr. Pumpkin!

Then it was time to cut Mr. Pumpkin open and see what was inside! It didn’t hurt him a bit and we loved checking out his seeds and pulp!

Then we carved a pretty heart into him and watched it glow…just like Jesus’ Love glows in us 🙂

Our Froggies!

We are the proud owners of a class pet! Mrs. Vowles brought in Aqua Frogs that she raised from tadpoles this summer. They never get out of the water and we love watching them swim around the tank!

Apple Prints!

It was SO cool when we cut an apple in half “short-wise” and saw it had a STAR in the middle! We made some fun apple prints to try and catch the star on our paper!

Getting Started in 2016!

Oh how we loved learning what preschool was all about!  On our first day, we read The Kissing Hand, and heard about Chester the Raccoon missing his Mommy.  We also were introduced to our class bear, Cubby! We painted our hands, and made our OWN kissing hands, and put our handprint on Cubby’s special bag. We can’t wait for when it is our turn to take Cubby home with us!


And explored the fun things in our room!  We made new friends too:)

Then it was time to make our own Chester the Raccoon puppet!

Then outside we went to check out the playground! A great time was had by all!

Our special Wiggly guests!

Who better to have  as a special guest during Ww week you ask? Why some real LIVE worms! Nightcrawlers to be exact! We loved feeling them wiggling around on our fingers and on our plastic spoons! Great fun was had by all!

That’s Called Teamwork!

It was a fun surprise to get to Phys Ed on Friday and find out we would keep celebrating Tt week by using team work to build with our stacking buckets! Good job friends!

Scarecrow Day Comes to PK!

We love celebrating the Harvest season in preschool!  After our pumppkin unit, we decided to devote a fun day learning about scarecows and having some fun with this hay stuffed guy who guards the farmer’s fields by making his best FIERCE face(GREAT Ff word, huh!?) We started the day with pretending we were a real scraecrow by posing with the scarecrow board that Mrs. Stiteler and Mrs. Vowles made:

Then we read The Little Scarecrow Boy by Margaret Wise Brown :

It was time to have some fun now! We made yummy scarecow cookies to have later for snack:

It was awesome practicing our fine motor skills when we made construction paper scarecrows with OUR very OWN face! We got to use REAL glue-it was pretty messy!

All Done: Don’t we look great as a scarecrow?

Then we practiced problem solving skills, by putting together some scarecrow puzzles….it was challenging for some of us, but we kept on going! Scarecrow day was awesome!

Making Dalmatian Pudding!

We had SO much fun making Dalmatian pudding to celebrate Dd week!   We talked about a certain type of dog with white spots called a DALMATIAN, who often helps firefighters…. Then, we drew a Dalmatian face on our pudding cup and cut out our dalamatian ears:

Then, we put the pudding mix in and STIRRED!

Then we put in some mini chocolate chips for our dalmation “spots”, and finished it all up by licking the spoon! It was YUMMY!

Corduroy Button Sequencing

After reading the book Corduroy during Bb week, we worked on our math skills by glueing the number of buttons on each bear that was “on his tummy”. We had to pay good attention and count one button at a time…AND we learned that when we use real glue: A LITTLE drop will DO!