Painting the Planets in NEON!

We LOVED discovering things about the Solar System during Ss week! We painted planets with neon paint-it was so exciting to see the BRIGHT colors!

Some “Ll Week” fun!

We decided to give our fine motor muscles a nice workout by making some Lemonade and Limeade during Ll week! We loved using our little juicers which were just the right size for our four year old hands, and learning how they catch the juice, but don’t let any seeds or pulp get inside. Some of us juiced lemons, some of us juiced limes. It was a TOUGH job, but we did it!

Then we checked to see how much juice we were getting out, and if our whole fruit was “empty”, or if we still had some juicing left to do…

Then we added sugar, ice and some water and poured our lemon and/or limeade ourselves..DELICIOUS! And the lemons and limes made our room smell yummy too!

Getting on Noah’s Ark!

Hands on experience is always the BEST experience to have in preschool! Our Bible unit the past few weeks has been about Noah. So in typical PK style we made animal Masks…we all had a partner of course, because the animals came to the ark “two by two”…

Then Mrs. Vowles dressed up as Noah and told the “animals” what God had spoken to “me”…

Then we got on the ark!! Wev talked about what it was like on the ark…hot, crowded, and probably stinky! We “heard” the rain! (Mrs. Vowles played a thunderstorm CD..) When the rain stopped we got off the ark, and there it was! The rainbow! God’s Promise to never flood the earth again! We had a great experience!

Hi Mr. Pumpkin!

In keeping with our Pumpkin unit, Mrs. Vowles brought in a special guest for us to meet: it was the GIANT Mr. Pumpkin! First, we checked him out and noticed he had lines on hom..he wasn’t smooth..

Then we painted our interpretation of him at the easels, ONLY using yellow paint(for pumpkin flowers), brown paint (for the dirt the pumpkins sit on), green paint(for the vine), and orange paint (for Mr. Pumpkin)…it was fun to see that EVERY painting was different even though we all used the same colors and were painting the same Mr. Pumpkin!

Then it was time to cut Mr. Pumpkin open and see what was inside! It didn’t hurt him a bit and we loved checking out his seeds and pulp!

Then we carved a pretty heart into him and watched it glow…just like Jesus’ Love glows in us 🙂

Ten Apples Up On Top!!

After reading the story Ten Apples Up On Top, by Dr. Seuss, we made a fun project! First, we had to look in the mirror and see what color our face was, then we took markers and made all the features a face needs….

Then we used our glue sticks to put our ten apples on top! There were 5 green, and five red apples! Some of us made patterns, some of us didn’t…applesup












The United States Puzzle!

It’s “Uu” week and we are learning about the United States of America by putting together a special puzzle of the US!  We each had 2 pieces, and listened carefully to the description of which state came next for clues if it was our piece…we cheered each other on as everyone’s pieces were called, and then CELEBRATED when the puzzle was finished! Yay Preschool!



That’s Called Teamwork!

It was a fun surprise to get to Phys Ed on Friday and find out we would keep celebrating Tt week by using team work to build with our stacking buckets! Good job friends!

Our Trip to the Post Office!

What a great experience we had going to the post office!  In honor of Valentine’s Day we wanted to send a special card to someone we love in the mail.  We read The Giant Hug by Sandra Horning and thought how much fun it would be to send a “hug” like Owen did….but we couldn’t hug everyone in the post office which is what happened in the story..hmmmm…..

…So instead we toook some hug pictures to make into a card to put in the mail….

Then we wrote out our cards to our special person…it was HARD work! We had to write very small and very neatly! We stuffed them into envelopes, gave them a lick to seal them, and before we left, “mapped” out where everyone’s hug was gong, so we could see how far each one had to travel!  Simeon’s went the farthest-it had to cross an ocean to get to the Netherlands!

Then off we went to the post office in three small groups, so we didn’t make too much noise and weren’t to disruptive to the goings on of the postal workers. We waited in line patiently, and when it was our tun we picked out our stamp, paid our money, and got our change back!

Then it was time to drop them down the mail chute! A friend mailed two cards since we were missing someone that day…then we took a peek to make sure they went down, and home to SCS we went! What a fun day and a special surprise for whoever got our mail!

Celebrating with Sequential Christmas Trees!

We loved creating Christmas trees by sequencing various lengths of green paper from largest to smallest! Then we used our finger to make snow on our tree! We love creating in preschool!

First we sequenced our paper longest to shortest…

Nice Job!

Then we added some snow!

Scarecrow Day Comes to PK!

We love celebrating the Harvest season in preschool!  After our pumppkin unit, we decided to devote a fun day learning about scarecows and having some fun with this hay stuffed guy who guards the farmer’s fields by making his best FIERCE face(GREAT Ff word, huh!?) We started the day with pretending we were a real scraecrow by posing with the scarecrow board that Mrs. Stiteler and Mrs. Vowles made:

Then we read The Little Scarecrow Boy by Margaret Wise Brown :

It was time to have some fun now! We made yummy scarecow cookies to have later for snack:

It was awesome practicing our fine motor skills when we made construction paper scarecrows with OUR very OWN face! We got to use REAL glue-it was pretty messy!

All Done: Don’t we look great as a scarecrow?

Then we practiced problem solving skills, by putting together some scarecrow puzzles….it was challenging for some of us, but we kept on going! Scarecrow day was awesome!