Making Green Eggs!

We DO so like Green Eggs (and Sausage)!   Seuss was on the loose in PK  this week as we all wore green to school, then gathered around to listen to Green Eggs and Ham and watch how we were going to make our own green eggs!

Then we started cracking our eggs! We each had a partner, and we wore the crowns and place mats we made during Qq week when we learned about Queen Esther’s big dinner she made for King Xerxes.  After our eggs were in the bowl….

…then Mrs. Schoon added the color, and it was time to stir them! Oh how we loved it when our yellow eggs turned green right before our eyes!

And into the skillet they went! We were careful NOT to touch the pan as we carefully stirred our green eggs until they were cooked then we put them on our plate with sausage on the side!

Then it was time to dig in!  Almost all of us loved our eggs and we all had a great time!





Our Valentine Breakfast Party!

We celebrate Valentine’s Day in a different way  in preschool! No chocolate for us! Mrs. Vowles and Mrs. Schoon made pancakes shaped like HEARTS! Then we all sat down  and ate. We also had sausage and strawberries, and syrup of course!  It was fun getting out our kid sized pitchers for some water when we were thirsty! We LOVE pouring from our pitchers!   Great fun was had by all!

Making Lemonade and Limeade!

It was fun doing something “summery” in  the cold month of January! We decided to juice lemons and limes and make some lemonade and limeade to see which we liked best! First we all gathered around and compared what lemons and limes look like on the inside and the outside.  Then we checked out the juicers! We knew we would need to use our super strong arm muscles to get the job done! We also saw that lemons give more juice than limes. Then we got started! Some of us juiced lemons and some of us juiced limes.

Then we put our juice in pitchers and mixed it with ice and sugar so it wouldn’t be sour and tested it out! We discovered that we love lemon and limeade both just the same! We also loved pouring our juice by ourselves from our pitchers that were just our size! It was a great preschool ,morning and boy did our room sell nice!

Making Gingerbread Boys (and Girls!)

It was so awesome making gingerbread man cookies during the last week before Christmas break:) First Mrs. Vowles made the dough on Tuesday, while our five day friends watched.


Then we all got a piece of gingerbread and started pressing it until our gingerbread man cookie cutter could fit completely…then we pushed it straight down..

Then while we held down our cookie cutter, we pulled the extra dough away from the sides…

Then it was time to decorate our cookies with mini m and ms! A couple of us used raisins…..

And…TAAADAAAAA! We all had a Gingerbread cookie to bake! We made sure they DIDN’T run away!

Christmas Crafting!

We have had a lot of fun with Christmas trees in preschool this month! We painted sparkly trees with glitter paint and also made Christmas trees from sequentially laid strips of paper, starting fro m the longest and going to the shortest!  Great critical thinking and creativity flowed!

Let’s Glitter Paint!

Now which one is longer?

Making Veggie Turkeys!

We had a great time celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday by making turkeys using a potato, cut in half, for the turkey body, and green peppers that were cut in half for his feathers!  We stamped everything in paint and had a great sensory experience! Then we finished our turkeys up with some google eyes, and cutting out some legs, a waddle and beaks to make him look like an awesome Tom turkey!

Baking Pumpkin Muffins!

We had a great time wrapping up our pumpkin unit by pretending we were chefs and baking Pumpkin Muffins! First we each got to put an ingredient in and then we each had a great time stirring our batter!  Then we helped put the batter in the tins and baked our muffins in the church oven.  They tasted delicious! We are awesome chefs!


Scarecrow Day!

We loved celebrating Scarecrow Day on Friday!  We made Scarecrow cookies, and took our picture with our face inside a giant scarecrow body too!  We also did a Scarecrow cut and paste sheet that challenged our scissor and critical thinking skills!

But the most fun thing we did was make Scarecrows that looked like US! We cut out the pants and glued on the faces and shirts and then it was time to get messy! We used a LOT of glue to put the “straw”where our hands, and feet would be!  We can’t show you the finished product right now, but stop by the JW entrance-way sometime next week and take a peek at us!





ThOh did we have an awesome Friday mixing colors! We were inspired by the book Mouse Paint by  Ellen Stoll Walsh to mix two primary colors together to see what secondary color they created!

First, we chose 2 colors to paint: ONE on each hand!

Then we rubbed our hands together…..

And…TAAAADAAAAA! look at the new color our hands were!

Our Teddy Bear Picnic!

We LOVED bringing our Teddies to school! In PK it is so much fun to fill a whole day around one theme! This special day was built around the book, The Teddy Bears Picnic by Jimmy Kennedy. Boy did we have fun!

Our room was filled with the wonderful smell of COFFEE as we made lots of gluey coffee bears, and  colorful dotter bears too!

Mrs. Schoon took an official “portrait” of us holding  our Teddies,  then we told Mrs. Kileen all about  them.  We used our fine motor skills,  with a new medium, colored pencils, to make the front of  our Teddy “info”card beautiful,and then Mrs. Schoon glued our official “Teddy Portrait” inside!

Oh but the best was yet to come! Do you know what those Teddies did? While we were in Music they ran away! We had to go on a big search for them just like in the  Teddy Bear Picnic story!

When we got back to our classroom after NOT finding them anywhere… they tricked us again! Those funny teddies were having their own picnic right in our room!

We ate our snack with them and enjoyed pretending we were on a real picnic!  We love you Teddies and hope you had fun on your special day!