Celebratin’ “Ww” week in the Ole’ Wild West!

Hey Ma and Pa! We sure had a blast dressin’ up as cowgirls and cowboys and doin’ all sorts a cool things. Here’s a peek at a few of the most fun of the adventures!

Welll, we roasted the biggest marshmallows ya ever did see over a cracklin’ fire! We told stories, blew on our marshmallows when they got too hot and then when we thought they were toasted just right fer us-we ate ’em all up!

Then it was time to “Giddyup’ on our pretend horse BUT with a REAL saddle…YEE-HAW!!!!!

A whoppin’ good time was had by all them little cowpkes fer sure!

Celebrating Umbrella Day!

We had so much fun celebrating Umbrella Day by going through an obstacle course in the hallway!

We tiptoed through the rings…

Carwled through the tunnel…

Climbed up the stairs…..

Then JUMPED off!

And lastly…we pretended we were tightrope walkers in the circus..carefully balancing with our umbrellas whil walking carefully on the balance beam!