You Can’t Catch Me! I’m the Gingerbread Man!

Oh what fun we had making real Gingerbread man cookies! First, we pressed our piece of dough so that it was big enough to fit our gingerbread man cookie cutter on it, then we PRESSED the cutter down, and removed the extra dough around it, revealing our gingerbread man shape!

Then we decorated our Gingerbread men and girls with mini m and ms!

Then our cookies were ready for the oven! Don’t worry!Mrs. Schoon stayed in the kitchen to make sure they didn’t try to run away!

Our Concert performance!

Oh Boy did we have fun singing Emmanuel and Away in a Manger on the big stage at our SCS Christmas Concert!

And we looked so awesome in our fancy suits and dresses!

Painting Christmas Trees with Glitter Paint!

Oh how we love glitter paint in preschool! It was so much fun creating sparkly Christmas trees and admiring each other’s work!

Making Veggie Turkeys!

Oh did we have fun painting with potatoes and peppers to make a turkey! First, we stamped a potato in brown paint to make the turkey’s body…

Then it was time to add the feathers! Green pepper halves dipped in different colors of paint did the trick!

Then we added some google eyes, orange construction paper feet and a red waddle, both of which we cut out in any way we liked…and TAADAA! Here are our turkeys!

Baking Pumpkin Muffins!

We had so much fun baking pumpkin muffins this week! first we gathered our ingredients…

Then we broke up into two groups and started following our recipe to make our muffins!

We stirred up our ingredients!

We put in the liners and then it was off to the kitchen!

We baked them and gave them a taste!

A great time was had by all!

Getting on Noah’s Ark!

Hands on experience is always the BEST experience to have in preschool! Our Bible unit the past few weeks has been about Noah. So in typical PK style we made animal Masks…we all had a partner of course, because the animals came to the ark “two by two”…

Then Mrs. Vowles dressed up as Noah and told the “animals” what God had spoken to “me”…

Then we got on the ark!! Wev talked about what it was like on the ark…hot, crowded, and probably stinky! We “heard” the rain! (Mrs. Vowles played a thunderstorm CD..) When the rain stopped we got off the ark, and there it was! The rainbow! God’s Promise to never flood the earth again! We had a great experience!

Hi Mr. Pumpkin!

In keeping with our Pumpkin unit, Mrs. Vowles brought in a special guest for us to meet: it was the GIANT Mr. Pumpkin! First, we checked him out and noticed he had lines on hom..he wasn’t smooth..

Then we painted our interpretation of him at the easels, ONLY using yellow paint(for pumpkin flowers), brown paint (for the dirt the pumpkins sit on), green paint(for the vine), and orange paint (for Mr. Pumpkin)…it was fun to see that EVERY painting was different even though we all used the same colors and were painting the same Mr. Pumpkin!

Then it was time to cut Mr. Pumpkin open and see what was inside! It didn’t hurt him a bit and we loved checking out his seeds and pulp!

Then we carved a pretty heart into him and watched it glow…just like Jesus’ Love glows in us 🙂

Visiting the Pumpkin Patch!

It was a GREAT time visiting Three Cedars farm in Northville! First, we rode out to the Pumpkin Patch on a big cart…

Then we found the pumpkin we wanted!

The it was cider and donuts time!

And last, off we went to the playground!

Thanks Three Cedars, for a great trip!

Land Ho!

It was a fun time learning about the explorer Christopher Columbus! We got up in our “boat” and pretended we were sailors looking through our telescopes! When we spied land…”Land Ho!” we shouted!

Here was “the land”…

Let’s start sailing!

We love hands on learning in preschool!

Making Dalmatian Pudding!

It was so much fun making Dalmatian Pudding during “Dd” week! First we drew a face on our clear cup with a black Sharpie, and cut out the floopy ears and taped them on…then we mixed milk with vanilla instant pudding and stirred it up! Then we added chocolate chips to make his spots! A yummy time was had by all!

Drawing the face and cutting the ears…

Pouring and stirring….




















Licking the spoon!