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Computer Lab Rules – Songified



During the first week of school, we have been talking about the rules of the technology lab.  After taking an online quiz, students had a chance to use an app called Songify to make a song or rap about some of the rules.  It is an easy app to use to review things that you are learning in class.  (Note: there is a public posting area that can/should be blocked by the teacher or parent before using.   There also are in app purchases that you will need to remind students not to use.)


To use Songify, you simply talk.  It will convert your talking into music!  There are different styles that you can use to convert your talking in to a rap or a song.



Here are a few examples of songs that the students made this week. (Note: I was not able to get the audio files to play in Firefox, but they worked fine in Safari and Chrome):

By Marrita and Kamille:

By Caleb, Zakariah, and Karringtyn

By Joshua and Katherine

By Mrs. Wilson’s Class:

By Mrs. Nesbitt’s Class:



Computer Lab Rules Quiz

SOCRATIVE LINKUse this when Miss Bosch tells you to take a quiz over the computer lab rules.  Use 25936 as your room number.  This will not work until Miss Bosch starts the test.

Our New Technology Blog!

“Elementary APPtitude” is the new blog for the SCS Elementary technology classes.  We will be posting lessons, photos of students at work, student projects, videos, links, and all kinds of other exciting things happening in the computer lab and classrooms!