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Fifth Grade Goals using Photobooth and Comic Life


The fifth graders used Photobooth a take a picture of themselves.  Then they inserted that photo into Comic Life multiple times.  They used the many filter effects in Comic Life to alter the photo and the frame surrounding it.  Then they added speech bubbles talking about some of their goals and expectations for fifth grade.  This was a great activity to review many technology skills and provide some colorful artwork to decorate our walls!  (Note: student names are covered according to our school policy to not show student photos and names together.)  Here are a few examples of their work:

Kindergarten iPads using the Hello Crayon app


Today Miss Bosch visited the Kindergarten classes with the iPads.  The students used the Hello Crayons app to draw pictures and write words that go along with their unit about apples.






Students took turns drawing red, yellow, and green apples and writing color words.  They also drew an apple tree with colored apples and green grass.

Hello Crayons is a great FREE drawing app for young students.  I like that it has a variety of simple drawing tools with texture including a fill.  It is simple to show students how to save finished projects to the camera roll.  There also are Hello Color Pencil, Hello Chalk, Hello Oil Painter, and Hello WaterColor apps, all free!  (Note: apps include unobtrusive inapp purchases)

First Grade – I Can Make



In first grade computer class, we begin by using KidPix.  Students are given a variety of drawing tasks to review drawing tools and to improve their dexterity with using a mouse.




I can draw a green cat with a purple umbrella!


I can draw a blue horse with yellow shoes!


I can draw a red dog with a blue hat!


I can use the stamp tool to stamp large, medium, and small patterns of pictures.

Practice with these simple tools also helps students practice following directions and prepares the way for more complicated tasks later on!



PhotoBooth Comics!

The fourth graders have had a great time the past 2 weeks learning to use the webcams with PhotoBooth and then creating comics using Comic Life.  Here are a few examples of their projects. Click on each comic to see a larger view.  (Note that the student names on these projects were blurred to protect the identity of the students.)

Fourth Grade Photobooth Fun


The fourth graders enjoyed using the webcam and Photobooth to create some crazy pictures to use in comics they are going to make in Comic Life!