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Kindergarten Feltboard App Stories

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Over the past 2 weeks the Kindergarteners have been using the Feltboard app to design pictures.  It has been fun to see all the creative ways they combined the pieces together and to listen to them talk about their pictures as they made them.

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On Wednesday, we experimented with letting the students record an audio story to go along with their pictures using the free ShowMe app.  This is the first time we tried this with kindergarten and unfortunately had a few technical problems, so some of the recordings are “rough” and a few of them were not finished or did not get saved.  However, here is a link to the files that we were able to save.  It is fun to see and hear their imaginations at work.

Kindergarten Feltboard Stories recorded with ShowMe

The Feltboard app is currently available for $2.99 at iTunes.


First Grade Funny Leaf People

Here are a few examples of some funny leaf people that the first graders created using  Kidpix.  Students used a variety of skills including drawing, stamping, flipping stamps, and adding text boxes.









Fall Photo Poetry using the Phonto App

Photo Oct 22, 9 33 15 AM

Last week the fourth graders used iPads to make some beautiful photographs of the fall leaves outside.  Today they worked to write a Six Word Poem using creative adjectives, verbs, adverbs, similes, and metaphors.  Then they used the free Phonto app to write their poem over top of one of their photos.

photo 1 photo 2

I’ve covered one wall in the computer lab with their colorful images!  It certainly brightens up the room!

Here is a gallery featuring all of the poems from both classes for you to enjoy.  Click on an image to view it in a larger size.

All About Bats – Kindergarten Style!

Bat Drawing

Recently the kindergarten clases went to Cranbrook to learn about bats.  Miss Bosch had them use the Hello Crayons app to draw a picture of a bat.  Here are a few of their drawings – these bats have a lot of personality!

Photo Oct 09, 1 52 50 PM Photo Oct 09, 2 37 13 PM (1) Photo Oct 09, 2 40 16 PM

The following week, Miss Bosch use the Explain Everything app so the students could record something that they had learned about bats.  Here are the videos – click on the links to view them!

I was very impressed with all the things that the kindergarteners learned about bats!


Creating Fall Poetry with the Phonto App

You and your partner are going to write a 6 word poem to describe one of your photos.

Here are some ideas for color words:

Yellow: lemon, amber, maize, saffron, canary, golden

Red: cherry, scarlet, crimson, ruby

Green: lime, forest, khaki, olive, avocado, jade

Orange: rust, rusty, fiery, burnt, auburn, cinnamon

Brown: chocolate, cocoa, bronze, coffee, tan, toast

Use your imagination to use nouns to make similes and metaphors to describe what the leaves look like: coins, confetti, candy, etc.

Use good adjectives to describe the leaves: soft, crunchy, shiny, etc.

Use descriptive verbs to describe what the leaves are doing: dancing, swirling, etc.

You can also describe grass, bark, or sky if it is in your picture.

Write your 6 word poem on lined paper, then raise your hand for the teacher to check it.

Then open up the Phonto app (in the Photo Text folder).

Click below to get the directions on how to type the Poem into the Phonto app:

How to Make a Photo Poem with the Phonto App

Fall Adjectives using the Pic Collage app

Photo Oct 15, 2 05 10 PM

The third graders are using the Pic Collage app to practice using adjectives.  They used the search feature in the app to look for fall pictures.  Then they added 3 or 4 adjectives that described the fall leaves.  The students learned to customize their fonts and really made great adjective posters!

Here is a gallery showing the projects by Mrs. Bricker’s class.

Here is the gallery showing Mrs. Veldman’s class:

And here is a video of Mrs. Bricker’s class, created with Animoto:


Fourth Grade Fall Photography 2013


Today the fourth graders headed outside to take some photos of fall leaves using the iPads.



Before heading outside, Miss Bosch showed the students some examples of some “good” and “bad” leaf photos.  They learned to get close to the leaves, pick one interesting thing as the main part of the picture, tap to focus, and to avoid distracting backgrounds.  Next week we will use the pictures as part of a poetry assignment.

Here is a gallery that shows just a few of their beautiful pictures:

iPads with PreK


Miss Bosch has been in both the PreK classes to use iPads with the students.  We talked about how to be careful with the iPads.  Then the students did some puzzle activities using the PreSchool Kids app to practice moving large and tiny pieces around on the iPad.  We had lots of fun!

photo copy






Using the Write About This app with Third Grade

Student typing on iPad

Common Core writing standard 6 states that students need to “Use technology, including the internet, to produce and publish writing.”  During this year in technology class we will be using various websites and software programs to develop keyboarding skills and to write and publish a variety of documents.  This week we used the Write About This app with third grade to write and record a story.  We found that it is an excellent but easy-to-use app to work on developing this standard.

Write About This contains a large collection of story prompts with images that are appropriate for elementary students.  Students can look through categories of prompts, search for a prompt on a topic, or teachers can even design their own custom prompt.  Prompts are available on 3 levels for each picture and there is a button that will read the prompt outloud to the students.

For this activity, I directed the students to a fall fantasy story prompt that I wanted them to work on.  Students quickly began typing the their stories using the keyboard on the iPad.  They were very focused as they wrote.



One of the amazing features of this app is that it also allows students to record themselves reading their story.  What a great feature to let them work on fluency and expression! Finished projects can be saved to the camera roll as an image file or as a video file if there is audio attached.  Here are a few examples of stories that the students created:

Write About This is currently available from iTunes for $3.99.  They also have a free version that will let you try out the app.  This is an excellent app to use for developing writing and fluency skills with students.


Book Character Day 2013

Book Character Day

Today was Book Character Day in the elementary school.  Our teachers and students looked amazing as they dressed up as some of their favorite book characters.

Here is a gallery featuring some photos of the day!