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Type Draw with Mrs. Veldman’s Third Grade


Photo Nov 25, 9 30 56 AM

Mrs. Veldman’s class had an opportunity to try out the TypeDrawing app this week during technology class.  They had fun using this app to draw a picture out of words.  Here are some examples of their drawings (click to view larger image):

TypeDrawing is a neat app that combines literacy and creativity.  This app works great with vocabulary and spelling words.  It would work well to label photos with science vocabulary and would be brilliant to use in the World Language classroom.  Currently, the iPad version of this app is listed at $2.99.

Third Grade Animal Slideshows with KidPix

The third grade classes recently completed making animal group slideshows using the KidPix software. Students are invited to bring their parents into the computer lab to show them their projects on Wednesday, December 4th, either before or after school.





Kindergarten Thanksgiving Stories with Puppet Pals

photo 2

Puppet Pals is a great app to use to have students record a retelling of a story. We used this app on Wednesday and had the kindergarteners record a “puppet play” about Thanksgiving.  It was easy for them to select a background and characters, and then record their audio while moving their characters with their fingers.  They had great fun watching the videos they created when they were done.

photo 3

photo 1

Did you know that deer, cows, and rhinos were part of the food that was shared for Thanksgiving???  Haha – it can be quite interesting what the kinders have to say about Thanksgiving!  Here are a few of the videos for your viewing enjoyment:

There is a lite version of Puppet Pals that allows you to try it out.  I recommend the Puppet Pals Director’s Pass (which is currently $2.99) which has more characters, allows you to use your own photos as backgrounds or characters, and lets you save the finished videos to the camera roll.

iPad Turkeys and Farms with Mrs. Carter’s Pre-K


Today in Mrs. Carter’s PreK class, we dressed up turkeys using the Thanksgiving Turkey Dressing Up app.  The students had fun putting clothes, hats, and toys on the turkeys.  This is a fun free app. Note, the app does have ads at the beginning and also has some locked features for purchase – a good opportunity about to have a lesson about what NOT to touch when using an app!




Our second app was the Make a Scene:Farmyard app.  This is an easy app that lets you pick a background and then drag animals, farmers, vegetables, tractors, and more onto the background to make a picture.  It is very easy and fun because the animals talk and make sounds.  This app is currently available for a limited time for free!  The company also makes a variety of similar apps on other topics.  There are no ads or additional purchases while using the app.






You can see the students made some great pictures today!

Turkey Time

Turkey drawing

It just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without making some fun and colorful turkeys!  In computer lab last week, the second graders made these cute turkeys using KidPix.  As a part of the lesson, the students worked with text tools, and learned how to center, use the return key, and change the color and font.  Students also learned to send their project to the printer without help.

Here are all the turkeys featured in videos created using the Animoto app.

Kindergarten Color Photography using the Polyframe App

Photo Nov 13, 1 48 07 PM

On Wednesday, the kindergarten students chose a color and then worked with a partner to use the Polyframe app to take pictures in the room of things that were that color.  Then Miss Bosch helped them to label and save their photo collages.  Here is a gallery of their photography – click on each image to see it larger:

There are quite a few apps out there that will let you take photo collages.  I like Polyframe because it has a nice variety of frame arrangements, you can take the photos right in the app by tapping on each empty square, and you can also easily add the text while in the app.  Apps like this are great for identifying, categorizing, or showing a sequence of steps.

Polyframe is currently available on iTunes for $1.99.


Thanksgiving Raps with Apps


Today the fourth graders worked on making their own Thanksgiving raps.  They started by using the free iAmRingtones app to develop a beat pattern.  Then they wrote and practiced their rap.  Finally, they used the Audioboo app on another iPad to record their rap while the beats were playing on the first iPad.  They came up with some neat raps that really reflect their appreciation to God for all the things He has given them.






Alyssa, Sarah, and Jhordis Rap

Kristopher, Bryson, and Camryn

Alexis, Kendyll, and Kayla Rap

Bobby and Shawn Rap

Carly, Morgan, and Juliana Rap

Courtney and Katie Rap

Eddie and Dillon Rap

Ethan, James, and Hunter Rap

GMTs Epic Thanksgiving Rap

Katie and Courtney Rap

Lilly and Sidney Rap

Madison and Nyla Rap

Nyla’s Rap

You can also listen to the Thanksgiving Raps at our channel at Audioboo.


Animal Group Photo Comics

The third graders recently completed these comic pages based on animal group characteristics using the PhotoComic app.  This was a great lesson that combined science, writing skills, and technology.

Here is a gallery of their comics.  Click on an image to see them at full size

The Photo Comic app is currently available on the iTunes store for $0.99.  It is a good simple comic app for younger learners.  It only creates one page and has limited options which are easy for younger students to learn to use.

Fun with the Faces I Make app

photo 3 photo 2 photo 1

Today the Kindergarten students used the Faces I Make app to make funny faces on the iPads.  They also used the letters within the app to make their name.  It is a very fun and creative app for kids to use.  Here is an Animoto video that shows all their funny faces!

Faces I Make is currently available from the app store for $4.99.

Second Grade Communities using the SPOKEnPHOTO App



photo copy\ photo copy 2

The second graders have been learning about urban, suburb, and rural communities in Social Studies.  In Technology class, they used the KidPix program to draw pictures of one of these communities.  Then Miss Bosch put all the pictures into the SPOKEnPHOTO app and had each student record something about their community.  Here are the links to the “online books” that were created via SPOKEnPHOTO.

Communities by Mrs. Bennefield’s Class

Communities by Mrs. Nesbitt’s Class

SPOKEnPHOTO is a free app that allows you to use your iPad to add audio onto collections of  images.  It works great for collaborative projects and is very user friendly.  The “books” publish to the web.  By emailing the project to yourself, you can get an online link where anyone online can view the “book” without an iPad.  The stories may also be shared and viewed by using the free app.