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Fifth Grade Fun with the VidRhythm App!

Sometimes you just have to end the year with a bit of holiday fun.  The fifth graders had a blast today using the VidRhythm app.  Limited educational value, but a great way to celebrate the end of our class!  I have posted a few of their crazy videos for you to enjoy!

Here is a link where you can download the VidRhythm app for free!




Sago Mini Forest Flyer app


Mrs. Carter’s PreK class really enjoyed using the Sago Mini Forest Flyer app today!  In this app, the students simply used their finger to make the red bird fly around  the forest and stop to explore.  They cracked up as the bird sang, ate, built a snowman, opened a present, and did all kinds of other fun things.  A perfect app for December with beautiful, clever animation!  Best of all it is currently available for FREE!

Download the Sago Mini Forest Flyer app.



First Grade Christmas Trees


The first graders created these beautiful Christmas trees using KidPix.  They needed to follow a sequence of multiple directions, including drawing a shape with straight lines, using the fill bucket tool, adding decorative lines, resizing and adding stamps, and typing their name in a text box!  That’s a lot of skills for one drawing!  Here are a few examples of their trees:




Scarlett even decorated the inside of the house!




Talking Planet PowerPoints


The fourth graders recently used the internet to do some research about planets.  Now they are busy at work building “talking planet” PowerPoint presentations.






Christmas Links for the Smartboard


We have a great collection of interactive Christmas/December links at Learning Links.  Our students enjoy playing them on the computer, but they also work great on the SmartBoard!  Today the second grade classes enjoyed using them during technology class.





Free Christmas Apps for Creativity

This week (and during the next weeks) we been using some free Christmas creativity apps in the PreK and K classes.  It is fun to create virtual Christmas trees, ornaments, cookies, gingerbread houses, snowmen, and snowflakes!


Photo 2 copy

Christmas Tree Maker Pro lets you choose a tree and decorate it with a variety of lights, ornaments, and toys.

Photo 6

Make a Snowman lets you build a snowman and decorate it.



Cookie Maker is a great simulation of the process of making Christmas cookies.  You add ingredients. mix the dough, roll it, cut the cookies, bake, and then finally decorate with frosting and other goodies.




Gingerbread House Maker lets you pick a house to decorate and then add frosting, candy, and treats to decorate.

Photo 1

Two nice apps for making virtual snowflakes are My Flake and Paper Snow.  (No little snips of white paper all over the floor when you do it with an iPad!)



We made “Christmas Ornaments” using the free Mandelas app.

Note: most of these free apps have either ads, in app purchases, or both.  I think it is good to teach young students about both of these things!  I did not feel either were intrusive and there were enough free options within the apps that students could have fun creating!



Early Literacy and the Hello Crayons app

One of my favorite drawing apps for early learners is the free Hello Crayons app.  It has an interface that is easy for students to navigate to clear and save pictures and a tool panel that is easy to understand and gives just enough variety and choices for them as they draw.

photo 2 photo 3   photo 1

It always is great when you can connect drawing and literacy.  One of the activities that is easy to do using this app is to have the students simply draw and write a word that begins with a specific letter.  This works great both as a whole class activity and also would work in a center where students would write and draw words related to sounds and concepts they were learning in class.

Here are a few examples of pictures that were created by the first graders:

Photo Dec 02, 11 16 45 AM Photo Dec 02, 11 21 53 AM Photo Dec 02, 11 30 37 AM Photo Dec 02, 11 32 32 AM Photo Oct 04, 1 44 46 PM