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Computer Lab Rule Digital Posters using Pic Collage App

Photo Aug 28, 8 52 29 AM

After we finished our Kahoot game over the computer lab rules, the students had about 15 minutes to quickly make a digital poster using the free PicCollage app. Most of the students have used this app before and they were able to quickly design a poster showing one of the rules.  Here are a few examples from the 4th and 5th grade classes.

Photo Aug 26, 9 42 43 AM


Some students searched in app for photos: others used the iPad camera and posed for their own images!  Very clever!

Photo Aug 28, 9 40 47 AM

Here is a gallery showing more of the 4th and 5th grade posters. Click on an image to view it full sized.


Computer Lab Rules Game with Kahoot!


Grades 2 – 5 are starting out the school year playing a game reviewing the rules of the computer lab using Kahoot! Kahoot is a free site that lets you create custom games and activities for your classroom. I projected the questions and answers on the Smartboard and students used their computers to select the correct answers. (Kahoot will also work on iPads, iPods, or Smartphones.) I haven’t met with 2nd or 3rd grade classes yet, so they will be playing the game next week.



Part of what makes Kahoot fun is that everyone’s name appears on the screen when you log in. (First name only is our rule!) Then it tracks scores and posts a leader board for each question. Bonus points are given for being the first ones to give the correct answer. Lots of laughter and fun as we played the game and we had a good opportunity to talk about the rules and why we have them.


After the game was done, the older students are creating a digital poster about one of the rules using the Pic Collage app on iPads.  Look for another post coming soon about their posters!

Kahoot Computer Lab Rules Game August 2014

Here is the link to join the game:


Use your first name only to join the game! Miss Bosch will tell you the game pin number to join the game.

Apple Distinguished Educator Global Institute


This July, I had the honor of being selected to attend the Apple Distinguished Educator Global Institute.  I joined 367 educators from 30 countries around the world for 5 intensive days of learning experiences and inspiration.  Not only did we attend keynotes and seminars given by experts and top educators, but we also participated in 3 days of off site excursions as with a science/environmental focus. We became students using iTunes U to direct us through learning activities using iPads, iPhones, digital cameras, and laptops.  Sites that we visited included the Scripps Institute of Oceanography, Cuyamaca State Park, and Torrey Pines State Park.  Below is a picture of our group at Torrey Pines. (More pictures from the conference and our excursions in this Flickr gallery.)


One of the great things about this conference is being able to meet and learn from some of the most innovative educators around the world. Sometimes I have known these teachers “virtually” through blogs, Twitter, or Facebook, but it was the first time meeting face to face. I was especially excited to meet Southfield Christian alumni Robin Montgomery who now teaches in a Christian school in South Korea.


One again, Sport Illustrated and Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Bill Frakes shared his incredible photography and videos with us.  Here he shares one of his photos from the Olympics which you may recognize!


This year, we were challenged to record some of our learning using sketchnotes. Since I have been making sketchnotes for sermons in church for about a year, I was very excited to improve my skills.  Here are a few of my sketchnotes that I created using the Paper53 app.  This is the first time I have done much work in Paper53, and enjoyed being able to learn from others (especially Brad Ovenell-Carter) some great hints on how to use this app. (My ADE14 Sketchnotes)




Paper53 supplied 10 of their Pencil styluses to be gifted to ADEs who shared sketchnotes from the conference.  I was thrilled to be selected to receive one of the Pencils and have been enjoying using it. Thanks, Paper53!!


I am so very blessed to be able to participate in this program and connect with Apple Distinguished Educators around the globe!