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Predicting Weather Sketchnotes by 4th Grade


Over the past 2 weeks, the fourth graders have been learning about creating sketchnotes as a way of documenting their learning. They used the Flipink app to make visual notes about a chapter in their science book about predicting weather.

IMG_2063 IMG_2065

Students needed to refer to their book to find key words and ideas and to find ways to represent them using images.


Students demonstrated lots of detailed work using the stylus and text tools.

IMG_2073 IMG_2080

Here are a few examples of their sketchnotes:

Photo Oct 28, 8 46 13 AM Photo Oct 28, 8 46 15 AM (1) Photo Oct 28, 9 39 05 AM

Flipink is one of my favorite drawing apps and works especially great for sketchnotes.  Currently it is available on iTunes for $1.99 US.

Here is a link to the video and student resources we used to introduce this unit.

If you are looking for more information about sketchnotes, please check out my Sketchnote resource page at Creative APPtitude.

Second Grade Community Stories

FullSizeRenderThe second graders have recently been learning about communities in social studies. They used a variety of tools in KidPix to draw the kind of community they wanted to live in and used text tools to write about it. Since this project took 2 weeks, they also had to learn to save and open files.  Here are a few examples of their illustrated stories.


IMG_1335When the stories were finished, Miss Bosch helped students use the SPOKEnPHOTO app to make an audio recording of their stories. Click on the links below to see and listen to the stories from both classes.

Communities by Mrs. Nesbitt’s class

Communities by Mrs. Bennefield’s class


SPOKEnPHOTO is currently free on iTunes.  It is an easy app to use if you want a way to publish a collection of narrated images to the internet.

Building Animal Habitats in Minecraft


The third graders have been excited to begin building their animal zoo habitats in Minecraft! Over the past three weeks we have been doing inquiry based activities to build questions about what we need to know about the habitats. Then students have been using the internet to research answers.  Today the students began work in Minecraft in creative mode with “Steve” serving as a zookeeper that is going to build the habitat!  Students needed to find a good location and put the proper materials in their inventory before they started to build.






I was pleased to see many students going online to find more information about their animal and its habitat as they were building.




This student is trying to discover what kind of plants tigers like. He discovered they like thick low growing plants they can hide in.

We will be continuing to work on building our habitats over the next few weeks!

First Grade People Illustrations

It’s not easy to draw people using a mouse, but it is skill that will help students illustrate their stories. Miss Bosch taught the students some tricks to help them use many tools in KidPix to make these wonderful people drawings!










Kindergarten Storytelling with Feltboard and Educreations


Over the past few weeks the kindergarten classes have been using the Feltboard app on our iPads to build scenes. While building their pictures, students learned to pinch to resize graphics and to delete pictures using the recycle bin.  It always is fun to listen to students as they build their scenes, because often they are narrating the story of their pictures to themselves.


On Friday, students saved their pictures, then I helped them upload them into the Educreations app where they were able to record a story telling about their pictures.  Click on the links below to listen to the stories. (Note: Not sure all stories were uploaded, I will be double checking.)

Joseph’s story

Karis’s story

Ryan’s story

Kimora’s story

Will’s story

Alexis’s story

Destiny’s story

Ethan’s story

Laila’s story

Laila N”s story

Michael’s story

Ronin’s story

Nathan’s story

Maliah’s story

Sanyiah’s story

Caramia’s story

Bryson’s story

Allison’s story

Lucas’s story

Alana’s story

Caleb’s story

Sarah’s story

Christian’s story

Jacob’s story

The Feltboard app currently costs $2.99 on iTunes. It is a fun and easy creative app for younger learners!

Educreations is a free app that allows you to record audio and create screencasts.

Sketchnote Resources for 4th Grade

Please watch this video to learn about what a sketchnote is and how to make one.

When you are done, click on these links to see some examples of sketchnotes while you are waiting:

Middle School Sketchnotes

More Middle School Sketchnotes

Examples of Miss Bosch’s Sketchnotes (scroll down to see them)

Drawing and Literacy using the Hello Crayon App


This week the first-graders used Hello Crayon app to practice their technology, writing, and drawing skills using iPads. They were challenged to draw and write words that begin with a B,D, or F. We reviewed how to use all the different kinds of drawing tools as well as how to save and erase our pictures. Here are a few examples of their work.









This “dead dog” picture made me smile as a representation of the letter D!




Hello Crayon currently is a free app and is one of my favorite easy drawing apps for early learners.

Hello Crayon (free)

  • Simple drawing apps – draw with crayons, marker, paint, pencils
  • Includes a paintbucket fill option
  • Hello Oil Paint has a realistic textured paint blending option
  • Can open and save images from and to camera roll
  • Shop includes additonal in app features and coloring pages for purchase

Funny Fall Leaf People – by First Grade

Recently the first graders used many technology skills to create these awesome funny leaf people using KipPix. They learned to double click to open a file, made and typed in a text box, used different textured drawing tools, and flipped stamps.  Miss Bosch made  these videos using Animoto to show all their funny leaf people. We hope you enjoy watching them!

LInks for Third Grade Animal Habitat Research Project

Third graders, here are the links we will be using for our project:

Mrs. McPheeter’s Class Padlet

Mrs. Bricker’s Class Padlet

When you are done posting at least one idea on Padlet, then here are some links to explore. Look for ideas of animals/habitats that would be good for this project. (Not every animal will be found on every page.) THINK ABOUT: Are there any animals that it would be hard to build a habitat for in Minecraft?

Detroit Zoo Animal Habitats – click on the links on the left side to go to a habit, then look at the bottom left to see animal links

Animals A to Z – by location

Animals A to Z – in alphabetical order

Animal Facts

National Geographic Animals – click on the picture links or type the name of an animal in the search box

Oakland Zoo Animals – locate by animal group

Arkive – endangered animals, this one is a little harder to read


If you cannot find your answer using the links above, here are kid friendly search engines you may use. I will explain how to use this later – please wait to use:

Kid Rex Search Engine

Kiddle Search Engine

Kindergarten iPad Pumpkins


On Friday, the Kindergarten students learned some more drawing tips using the Hello Crayon app on the iPads. We learned to use the paint bucket fill tool and the save button. Their pumpkin pictures really turned out great! Click on the photos below to see them full size.