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Using iPads for Color Photography with PicCollage


This week the kindergarten students used iPads to take photos of colors around their room!  Students worked with a partner so one person could hold the iPad while the other person took the picture. Everyone was very careful to hold the iPads with 2 hands and not run or play around when the iPad was in their hands!

IMG_2465 IMG_2466  IMG_2470

We used the camera button in the Pic Collage app to take our photos. Students used their fingers to move and resize the photos. Then they went to the teacher for some help to type their color and name.

Here is a gallery of their pictures. Click on the image to view a larger version:

Pic Collage is a free app that can be used in many ways in the classroom to create digital posters!

Third Grade – Explain Everything Videos for Minecraft Habitat Reports

Third graders, use these videos and the direction sheet to help you learn how to build your report about your Minecraft Habitat Reports:

How to take a screenshot:

How to start your report in the Explain Everything App

How to save your report and quit Explain Everything

Example of a Minecraft Habitat Report using Explain Everything (by Miss Bosch)

Turkey Time from the 2nd Graders

I hope you enjoy these fun Thanksgiving videos from the second graders. In this lesson, students learned how to center text and use the return key. They also used the eraser tools to correct mistakes. Finally, they sent their project to the printer without teacher help. It is great to see students increase their independence as they follow multiple steps in our projects!

Note: The videos were created using the free Animoto app.

Free full featured account for educators!

Keyboards and Stories – First Grade


Our first-graders have been learning to use keyboards for typing. This week they learned to move and resize graphics, and then combined them with a background. Finally, they created a text box, and typed stories to go along with their pictures. We focused this week on typing as much as we could while spelling the best we can. They did a great job using the keyboard, space bar, and period key!