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Comments for the 1st Grade Snowmen Books


snowmancover2The second graders enjoyed reading and listening to the first graders snowmen books! After reading the books, they left some comments for the first graders!

IMG_3591 IMG_3588 IMG_3596


Here are some of the comments that the second graders had about the book.

Comments for the 2nd Grade Playground Books

The preschoolers and the first-graders have enjoyed reading the playground book created by the second graders. Here are some comments that the first-graders had about the book.



First and Second Grade eBooks on iTunes!

Our first and second graders recently published eBooks in iTunes for free download! To download the files you will need to use an iPhone, iPod, or iPad with the free iBooks app installed on it. Here are the links to the books in iTunes where they may be downloaded for FREE!


“Do You Want to Build a Playground” by the second graders contains their imaginative stories, illustrations, and audio narrations of playgrounds for people, for animals, under the sea, in outer space, and more! We are hoping that people who download our book will use the link contained in the book to donate towards our new elementary playground fund. Here is the link to download the book:  Do You Want to Build a Playground?
















“Snowmen Having Fun” by the first graders contains colorful illustrations, stories, and audio narrations done by the students. Our writing was inspired by the book Snowmen All Year by Caralyn Buehner. Here is the link to download the book:  Snowmen Having Fun 2015

If you do not have an iPhone, iPod, or iPad, here are some other ways you can possibly open the books by using the links below. On a Mac computer the book can be opened using iBooks software.  On a PC computer, try using the Chrome browser with the Readium app to download/view the file.  If you have an Android phone, you might be able to use the ePub Reader app, or another app for ePub files.  (I have not tested this on an Android, so I cannot verify that this will work.)

Do You Want to Build a Playground ePub file

Snowmen Having Fun ePub file

Our stories were made in computer lab using KidPix software. Miss Bosch printed and scanned all the stories and put them into the wonderful Book Creator app where each student made an audio recording of their story.

Book Creator is currently available for $4.99 for iOS. There is a lite version which will let you try out the app and create one book. It also is available for Android.

We have been excited to share our books with family and friends, but we are hoping that we can connect with even a wider “Authentic Audience” around the world.  We would love for other students and classes to download our book.  If you do, could you please leave us a comment so we can know who has been reading our books!

If you have a class that has created an eBook, we would love to do a book exchange with you! Please leave a comment with a link to the book file or contact Miss Bosch via email at

Fifth Grade President Search Activity15

Use these links to brainstorm research ideas:

Answer Garden Quick Facts

Tricider Quick Facts


Use this link to view the PBS 60 Seconds Presidents Videos


Use these links as part of our assignment:

The White House

Meet the Presidents

Decision Points

Wikipedia George W. Bush