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Reviewing the Rules with Socrative, Classkick, and the Smartboard

We have had a great back to school week in the elementary technology lab! Of course, to start out the year we needed to spend a few minutes making sure everyone knew the expectations for using technology equipment and for our class. Second through fifth grade clases used an online game quiz that I made using Socrative. I have used this online/iPad tool for several years as an easy and effective way for assessment in my classes. After each question, I was able to see the percentage of students who selected each answer, so I could clarify anything they didn’t understand. I also was able to review each individual student’s answers at the end of the review game.

When we finished our Socrative game, we tried out a new iPad app called ClassKick! Wow! I set up an activity in the app for students either write or draw one thing or goal that they would do in computer class this year. To start the activity, students simply had to type in the room code and their first name into the app, and they immediately connected to the activity page, where they could begin working using simple drawing tools and text tools. (I was able to set up more than one page, so students who finished quickly would have a second task to do.)

One of the neatest things about the ClassKick app is that as a teacher you can view every student while they are working LIVE on your iPad! WOW! I could see this to be huge, especially for math class. Even better, ClassKick is totally FREE!


The first grade students did a Smartboard activity where they drew lines to show what to DO and DO NOT do while in our technology classes. They did a great job working together to review the rules.


Back to School Activities 2015

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