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Minecraft Animal Environment Action

This week the third-graders used their animal research to begin building an animal habitat environment in Minecraft. Here are a few photos of the students busy at work building their habitats.



Funny Leaf People 2015

On Friday, the first graders created these awesome funny leaf people! We used KidPix and some leaves that I had scanned for the students. In this lesson, the students learned to double click to open folders and files. (Not an easy task for a first grader!) They then made a text box to type their name and then independently followed a series of directions using several different drawing tools. They also practiced editing/flipping stamps! Their leaf people are really awesome!

Here are Animoto videos showing all of their funny leaves:

Teacher’s Notes: This project would also work with an iPad. Have students find their own leaf and photograph it on a plain background. Then insert the photo into your favorite drawing app to add faces and hair.

Animoto is a free app that I like to use to quickly create video slideshows of student work. Here is a link where you can apply for a free teacher account:

Community Stories by Second Grade using KidPix and SpokenPhoto

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 7.08.14 PM  10-21-15

Recently, the second graders have been learning about communities in social studies. So during technology class, students drew pictures of and wrote about the kind of community that they would like to live. They used KidPix to make the pictures and type the stories. Then Miss Bosch combined the pictures into an eBook using the SpokenPhoto app, where the students recorded their voice reading what they had written. Completed books are now published into an album that can be viewed online.

Click on the links below to view the online books for each class. Click on each pictures and then click the arrow to listen to the audio:

Mrs. Nesbitt’s Class Community eBook

Mrs. Bennefield’s Class Community eBook

Teacher’s Note: I like the SPOKEnPHOTO Album app (currently free) as an easy way to create and publish a simple “eBook” that includes student audio. It is nice to have an option that can be viewed totally online and does not require downloading.

At the Apple Orchard by the Kindergarteners


A few weeks ago the kindergarten students took a trip to the apple orchard. Each student used the Hello Crayon app to draw a picture of a part of the trip. Then Miss Bosch combined all the pictures into the 30 Hands app and recorded each student telling about their picture. The videos with the drawings and narration are posted below:

Hello Crayon is currently a free app on iTunes.

30 Hands Starter is also on iTunes and is an excellent FREE easy option for creating narrated slideshows.

Pre School iPad Action!

Monday afternoon I spent some time helping the preschoolers do some iPad activities. Today we did an app that lets the students to matching, puzzles, and picture coloring. 


First Grade People

This week the first graders learned how to make figure drawings using the mouse. They learned to combine a variety of drawing tools and how to flip graphics to add symmetry to their faces. The skills will help the first-graders make some fantastic pictures to illustrate their writing in the future.        

What is a Digital Footprint/Tattoo?

Thursday the fifth grade classes are discussing what a “digital footprint”/”digital tattoo” is.  We talked about why it is important to have a good online reputation and what things we can do on social media that can hurt our online reputation.  We are learning about this in preparation for our upcoming unit using the Edmodo online community.

Students, please leave a comment of 2 or 3 sentences (with good spelling and punctuation).  Please share:

  • What you learned about “Digital Footprints/Tattoos?”
  • How you can make a good digital footprint/tattoo for yourself?
  • Things that can hurt your digital footprint/tattoo?
  • Why it is important to have a good digital footprint/tattoo?
  • How does this go along with our “Whatever” theme this month of being honorable?

Animal Environment Research Links

Use these links to brainstorm ideas about what you would need to know to build a good environment for an animal:

McPheeter’s Class Answer Garden Link

Bricker Class Answer Garden Link

Use these links to research about the environments where animals live:

World Book Encyclopedia Loginsee your teacher for the login and password if needed, then click STUDENT

National Geographic Animals – click on the picture links or type the name of an animal in the search box

Animals A to Z – by location

Animals A to Z – in alphabetical order

Animal Facts

Oakland Zoo Animals – locate by animal group

Detroit Zoo Animal Habitats – click on the links on the left side to go to a habit, then look at the bottom left to see animal links

Arkive – endangered animals, this one is a little harder to read


If you cannot find your answer using the links above, here are kid friendly search engines you may use. I will explain how to use this later – please wait to use:

Kid Rex Search Engine

Kiddle Search Engine

First Grade Fall Drawings with KidPix

On Friday the first grade students created fall drawings using KidPix software. As a part of this lesson, they learned to draw a horizon line, use the paint bucket to fill shapes in a background, and use lines, textured tools, and stamps to illustrate a picture. At the end, we used the wacky paint brush to change the leaves on the trees to fun things like money and candy! Students did a great job following a series of steps to create their pictures!


Third Grade KidPix Autobiographies


Over the past few weeks, the third grade classes have been creating autobiographies in KidPix. It has been a great opportunity for returning students to review skills and for new students to learn. For this project, students needed to fill a background, create and set fonts on in a text box, type a story, and then illustrate it with a mixture of drawing tools. Students had to be able to save and open their files, and we also learned a great trick to use the right click button to help us correct misspelled words. The students definitely demonstrated how their skills have grown as they typed a paragraph and drew detailed pictures of themselves!

These all were so good, I decided to show them all of in a big gallery. Click on the picture to see the full picture in a larger size!