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Third Grade Minecraft Animal Habitat Reports using Explain Everything


The third graders recently finished creating their Minecraft Animal Habitats. They began this project by doing inquiry based research to learn about an animal’s habitat, then designed a habitat for the animal in Minecraft. They then took screenshots of their habitats and then used the Explain Everything app to record a report where they told about their habitat.  Here are some of the reports which they created. (Note: This was the students’ first time using Explain Everything, and not all reports are completed yet. A few have recording errors and need to be recorded again. We will try to finish/correct them and publish them in another post, if possible.)

Here are some of the reports which have been published:


One Word Challenge using the Phonto App

What is one word that best represents your goal for the new year? Fourth graders used the Phonto app to combine their ONE WORD with a selfie and an explanation of why they chose that word. Here is a gallery showing their ONE WORDS – click on the image to see a larger image with all the text showing. (If any pictures are missing, they may not have been saved and downloaded into Dropbox correctly – let Miss Bosch know, we may be able to find them!)

The four parts of this project were:

  • Open the Phonto app and take a selfie
  • Type in your ONE WORD and format it so it is large and stands out.
  • Type in your explanation of why you picked that word and format it so it is smaller but easy to read.
  • Save your picture and upload it to Dropbox

Here is the video tutorial that showed the 4 parts of the project. Students watched the video, pausing it  to do each step:

Here is a link to Mrs. Requard’s video which I showed at the beginning of class with the ONE WORDS created by the 4th and 5th graders of North Star Elementary School in Arizona:

One Word Resolutions for 2016

We loved their projects and they gave us great inspiration for our projects!

Phonto currently is a free app that gives great options for adding formatted text onto pictures. (Note: it does have banner ads in the app.)