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Drawing Pad Story Illustrations by 4th Grade


Mrs. Swanson’s 4th graders have started working on making eBooks out of stories they have written. Miss Bosch visited their classes this week to help them get started with using the iPads to draw illustrations for their stories. Each student needs to create four illustrations using the Drawing Pad app to go along with their story. As you can see, their talents are really shining as they work on their drawings! Here are a few shots of the students at work. Click on each image to see a larger view!

Drawing Pad is one of my favorite drawing apps for elementary students. It has many creative features including richly textured drawing tools, stickers, and the ability to add text. It currently is $1.99 on the US iTunes store.

After the illustrations are done, students will be using the Book Creator app to create pages out of their story which will include their illustrations, text, and audio.