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Kahoot Tech Review for Second and Third Grade

Students, use this link and follow teacher directions to login to the Kahoot game:


Back to School Tech Review with Quizizz and Recap

Welcome back to tech class! This week we used 2 new fun activities with 4th and 5th grade to review our technology policy with students.


We began class with an exciting review game using Quizizz. Quizizz is similar to Kahoot. You can build multiple choice review games for student use. Students enjoyed the self paced game and the funny animal memes in between questions that told them if they were right or wrong.


Quizizz is a free platform for educational use. It can be used on a computer or any mobile device – you do not need to download an app, just connect to the Quizizz login webpage and type in a game code supplied by the teacher. I liked that the answer choices to each question are written on the choice buttons (different than Kahoot) and the ability to set up memes in between questions. Scores for the games are recorded for the teacher. Since the game was self paced, we were not able to discuss each question individually, but at the end of the game we looked at the questions where there were a number of errors and discussed the answers. There may be a way to run the game one question at a time (similar to Kahoot), but I did not find that option.


Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 10.43.31 AM 8-27-16When we finished our Quizizz game, we tried out another new app called Recap to use for setting a technology goal for the school year. Recap is a free app on the iPad. Teachers can set up a free account and use their computer to record a text/video prompt for students’ responses. Students use the app (or online login) by adding a pin code, tapping on their name, listening to the prompt, and then recording a short video response. Students also can use a thumbs up system at the end of the video as an exit ticket for the teacher to show if they “get it!”


I was very impressed with how easy this app was to set up and use.  I did have to enter each student name for each class into my account, but I was able to do that quickly. I found that the Chrome browser worked best on the Mac for recording the teacher video, but that may just be due to some settings on my laptop. It only took about 10 minutes to get the entire class logged into Recap on their iPads and record the videos. I am able to view their videos on my laptop in my account. I can see this app being very effective for reflection questions, prediction, retelling, and exit tickets.

Thanks fourth and fifth graders for a great start to Tech Class!