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Filter Fun and Disguises with Selfies!

The second graders had some fun this week working on exporting and importing files by using selfie pictures they took with our webcams and PhotoBooth on our Mac computers. They exported the photos onto their Macs and then learned how to import them into KidPix. Students then used the “blender” tool to explore how filters can be used to creatively alter a photo. If they forgot to use “undo” after each filter, they had to upload the file again, which was great practice and helped them become independent at working with menu commands and uploading files.

At the end of the lesson, students had fun creating disguises using the drawing, paint, sticker, and stamp tools in Kidpix. Here are some photos of their filtered and disguised faces. (Click on a photo to see it larger.)

Animal Habitats – Research, Reports, and Minecraft!


Over the past few months, the third graders have been working on an animal habitat project. They began by using the online World Book Encyclopedia to do some research. We continued our researching using some teacher selected online links as well as the kid-friendly Kiddle Search Engine.

Once our research was finished, students used Word to type a first draft of their report. For many, this was the first time using an adult word processing program and it was a great chance to use their skills from Type to Learn! We focused on writing in sentences with capital letters, periods, and correct spacing. Each student wrote several indented paragraphs for their report. We printed the first draft, then students made corrections based on teacher feedback. (Note: the reports are in their computer lab folder which will be sent home at the end of the year.)


IMG_4128 Once the reports were finished, the creative fun began! Students were challenged to use Minecraft to design a habitat for their animal based on the facts that they researched. This was a great opportunity for students to use and transfer their knowledge into a new context. My Minecraft expert students helped their classmates. I was impressed with how the third graders put their designs together and how they applied the facts that they learned!


First Grade Selfie Stories


The first graders recently used KidPix to create a “selfie story.” This project required the students to type several sentences using the caps lock, letter, and punctuation keys. They also needed to follow multiple steps using pencil, shape, paint, and stamp tools to create their self-portraits. Finally, they had to use the save button to save their pictures. I was pleased to see the students’ growth as they worked through complex directions to make their stories and pictures. Here is a gallery showing their stories (click to enlarge):


V is for Volcano – with the Quiver app


Since the preK students were learning about volcanoes this week, we colored pictures of volcanoes. Then we used the augmented reality Quiver app to scan their drawings and see them come to life in 3D! Students were able to tab their volcano to make it smoke and also see inside the volcano.

More information about the free Quiver app and links to where you can download the coloring packs:

Kindergarten KidPix Flowers

Today in Kindergarten Technology class, the students learned how to login into our Kidpix Program. Then we continued to work on developing our clicking, mouse, and drawing creativity skills by using different textured “wacky” brushes to draw some spring flowers. Here is a video showing the students’ work!