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A Tour of My Brain – Created with Keynote!


Over the past two weeks, the fifth grades worked in Keynote on our Mac computers to create a visual representation of a “tour” of their brain. This project helped students learn/practice/review a variety of technology skills including:

  • taking a photo with a webcam and inserting it into a document
  • opening and saving files
  • adding, moving, resizing, and formatting graphics and text
  • using copy/paste (to add arrows – not everyone got to complete this step)
  • using color, space, and sizing to creatively and effectively design their project

A Tour of My Brain

This is the first time we have done this project (which is my variation of a Keynote Silhouette project that is posted on the Apple Teacher website.) Students did a great job following multiple steps and using their creativity to design their “tours.” They are very colorful and interesting to look at  – they look amazing on the wall of the computer lab!

Here is a gallery showing the students’ projects. Note – a few students may be missing if they were absent when we finished the project.