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Daily “Stuck at Home” FREE apps for Kids!

I am posting a link to a free iPad app each day which can provide something creative and fun for your child/family to try or explore. The most recent link will be posted at the top.

Popplet – Full version is FREE for a limited time! Design word maps with text and pictures. Simple but very effective!

Pic Collage EDUFREE for a limited time. Make creative photo collages using your photos or online searching. Add background, text, stickers, and more. One of my favorite apps for the classroom!

Scratch Junior – learn basic block coding to make characters move, jump, sing, and more!

Assembly – create your own designs and logos using shapes and text. Many creative options!

MSQRD – fun and crazy filters for your face to make photos and videos. No login needed!

Tayasui Blocks is FREE until April 9 – create in 3D using colorful blocks!

Toontastic 3D – animate and narrate your own adventures by simply moving the characters with your fingers. Lots of options, totally free!

AR Dominoes – use augmented reality to create your own domino course and then knock it down! Make simple or creative complex designs. No supplies needed and no mess to pick up!

Hello Crayons – this drawing app is perfect for early elementary students with simple textured drawing tools. Note: a few tools require purchase.

GarageBand – this amazing app is filled with ways to create and record music. I’d suggest starting with the Live Loops feature as an easy way to build professional-sounding tunes with beats!

Texting Story – create video conversations of two people/characters texting back and forth. (Create a conversation between two book characters!) Note: there are a few features that require in-app purchases.

Go Noodle Games – this app has fun games that use the camera to get kids moving. Totally free – no in app purchases.

Pickayou – This app lets you design your own custom avatar/character from head to toe. If you use a white background, characters can be imported into many other apps – we often use it with Puppet Pals.

Mega Photo – This app has dozens of fun and crazy effects that you can add to your selfies in both photo and video format. NOTE: some of the effects are paid, so be sure to point this out to your child before using it! This link goes to the iOS version, but also available in other formats.

Tayasui Sketches School -This app lets students draw on their iPads with digital pencil, ink, crayon, watercolor, paint, airbrush, and more! No need for supplies from the craft store and no mess to clean up!

Plum’s Creaturizer – Kids can design a crazy creature, then the app uses augmented reality and you can “place” the creature in a real location and take a photo of it. A great activity to do while on a walk!

Emoji Me Kids – Students can create their own emoji of their faces (or even of everyone in their family). It can be saved as an image (great for profiles or to be added to other projects). It even makes animated emojis.

Online Learning Week 2: Stories, Activities, and Magazines

Hi Students! Your assignment this week is to use one of these online links to read a story or magazine or do a reading activity. They are grouped by the suggested grade level but you may do any link that as long as you understand what you are doing. If they don’t work, you may use any website or app that lets you do a reading activity.


PreK – 1st

Unite for Literacy Books
Pinky Dinky Doo Storybox – create your own story
Rivet – books on a variety of levels, click your level at the top corner
Teach Your Monster to Read 1, 2, and 3 (note: parents can create an account to save student progress)
Scholastic Learn at Home – find the activities for your grade level

2nd and 3rd Grades:

DIGGER AND THE GANGclick on An Invitation to start the story
Big Escape Mysteries – can you solve them?
Rivet – books on a variety of levels, click level at the top corner
Scholastic Learn at Home – find the activities for your grade level

4th and 5th Grades:

Scholastic Learn at Home – find the activities for your grade level
Bible Gateway – spend some time reading God’s word
Big Escape Mysteries – can you solve them?
NEW! Total Darkness – another mystery to solve!

SCS Student Created eBooks (from previous years):

Snowmen Having Fun eBook 2019
3D Crazy Characters eBook 2019
Snowmen Having Fun eBook 2018
3D Crazy Characters eBook 2018
Snowmen Having Fun eBook 2017
3D Crazy Characters eBook 2017

LEAVE A COMMENT WHEN DONE: Older students, when you are done, I would love it if you would leave a comment for me. (You might need to ask a parent or grown-up to help you.) Look up in the top right corner by the title of this post and click on the comments button. Use your FIRST NAME only – no last names, email, or website. Tell me what story/activity you read/did or how you are using technology to help you learn (or just say hello)!

Finally, here is a funny video for you! I was trying to make a video for Reading Month where I was a mystery reader behind a “mask.” It didn’t quite work out like I planned! Enjoy!

I miss you all and I am praying for you! Take care! Miss Bosch

Online Learning 1: Learning Links

Greetings from Miss Bosch (and her cat)!
(NOTE: many of these Learning Links will NOT work on an iPad or iPhone.)

Technology Class Activity: Use our Learning Links Page and a computer to do some of our Learning Links on a computer (if you can, they might not work on your iPad or phone). Here are the links to some pages at our Learning Links Page:

Learning Links Main Page

Early Learning Links – good for grades K – 2, note kindergarten has only done Dragging 1 – 6 in class.

Math Links – lots of games to practice math facts and more!

Games for Fun – a good place to take a break after working hard!

Also, here is the iReady link: iReady Student Login

Students, know that I am thinking of you and praying for you every day! Check back here – I will try to post a new video and some new technology activity ideas in a few days!

5th Grade Hyperstudio Tutorials

Use these tutorials to help you learn new multimedia skils for your Hyperstudio project.

BONUS: This video will show you how to add borders and animations: