Animal Environment Research Links

Use these links to brainstorm ideas about what you would need to know to build a good environment for an animal:

McPheeter’s Class Answer Garden Link

Bricker Class Answer Garden Link

Use these links to research about the environments where animals live:

World Book Encyclopedia Loginsee your teacher for the login and password if needed, then click STUDENT

National Geographic Animals – click on the picture links or type the name of an animal in the search box

Animals A to Z – by location

Animals A to Z – in alphabetical order

Animal Facts

Oakland Zoo Animals – locate by animal group

Detroit Zoo Animal Habitats – click on the links on the left side to go to a habit, then look at the bottom left to see animal links

Arkive – endangered animals, this one is a little harder to read


If you cannot find your answer using the links above, here are kid friendly search engines you may use. I will explain how to use this later – please wait to use:

Kid Rex Search Engine

Kiddle Search Engine


  1. Lacey says:

    I learned that we should put good things on Facebook and intragram

  2. Anthony says:

    I learned that to have a good reputation you should not gossip on social media. You should put nice things about other people. If you put bad things about people on social media when colleges look up your name that stuff will pop up and ruin your future.

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