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Thanksgiving Raps with Apps

Raps with apps

The fourth graders recently finished creating thanksgiving “Raps with Apps” on the iPads. They began using the Smart Drums feature in GarageBand app to develop a pattern of beats. Then they wrote their rap to go along to the beats. Then they used a second iPad with the iTalk app to record their rap with the beats playing in the background. The final step was to email their completed file to Miss Bosch.




Students had a lot of fun and did a great job being creative with music tools while praising God. The music files are posted below. (Note that we had technical problems with transferring a few of the files. If they are missing, we will try to get them posted once fixed!)

Kennedy, Korinne, Laurice:

Alex, Parker:

Anne Fleur:

Avery, Jordan:

Julius, Chloe P.:

Hope, Chloe S.:

Gabby, Taniya:

Jackson, Jaylan, Emmanuel:

Josee, Charles:

Joshua, Jacob, Jeremy:

Julie, Emma Jean

Justin, Ryan:

Kaitlin: (sorry, this one is a bit hard to hear)

Katherine, Jada:

Kyle, Seth, Camari:

Matthew, Peter:

Preston, Malik:

Sophia, Zion:

Will, Justin, Robert:

Avery and Jordan

Jayda and Kaylyn

Eden (sorry, this one is a little hard to hear)



Thanksgiving Raps with Apps 2015


Here you can see the fourth graders creating some amazing “Thanksgiving Raps with Apps!” They started by using the I Am Ringtones app to create a background beat. (This app is no longer available, but another free option is iAmBeatBox from the same company. The Smart Drums in Garageband also might also work, or any other app that creates a beat pattern.)


Once the beats were created and saved, students wrote their own Thanksgiving raps to go with the beats. They came up with great ideas of thing to thank and praise God for!



Finally, the students used a second iPad to record their raps while the beats played on the first iPad. We used the Audioboom app to record and publish the raps, but any audio recording app could be used.


Here are their raps for your listening pleasure! I was quite impressed with their creativity and talent. (Note: a few raps had some technical difficulties in the recording process, hopefully we will be able to record them and add them next week!)

Click here for Thanksgiving Raps with Apps Playlist link

Thanksgiving Raps with Apps


Today the fourth graders worked on making their own Thanksgiving raps.  They started by using the free iAmRingtones app to develop a beat pattern.  Then they wrote and practiced their rap.  Finally, they used the Audioboo app on another iPad to record their rap while the beats were playing on the first iPad.  They came up with some neat raps that really reflect their appreciation to God for all the things He has given them.






Alyssa, Sarah, and Jhordis Rap

Kristopher, Bryson, and Camryn

Alexis, Kendyll, and Kayla Rap

Bobby and Shawn Rap

Carly, Morgan, and Juliana Rap

Courtney and Katie Rap

Eddie and Dillon Rap

Ethan, James, and Hunter Rap

GMTs Epic Thanksgiving Rap

Katie and Courtney Rap

Lilly and Sidney Rap

Madison and Nyla Rap

Nyla’s Rap

You can also listen to the Thanksgiving Raps at our channel at Audioboo.