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Projects from a Pandemic Year

So this year, I have had to let go of blogging our student work. There just were too many new things to navigate including teaching in person and online, posting to Seesaw and Google Classroom, keeping iPads clean and hauling them from class to class, and just the uncertainty of what each day might bring. But our elementary students were awesome and did some amazing work on our iPads this year. Because of the nature of not knowing which students would be in person or at home, projects had to be short and had to have options for students to do at home if they didn’t have an iPad.

One of our first challenges was finding a way for students to safely share iPads for our classes. Did you know an iPad will work inside of a Ziplock bag? So each student had their own zip lock and I would place the iPad into the bag for each class. The hope was that any germs would stay on the plastic bag and their hands, sneezes, and other germs would never touch the iPad. We discovered even our Apple Pencils would work over top of a plastic bag.

Here is an overview and a few examples of some activities that the students worked on.

Our 4th and 5th graders used the Pages app to write about what they would do if they were president. They learned how to format the text, used some tricks for effective typing on an iPad, and then selected and formatted shapes to illustrate their writing.
Then they wrote health safety commercials about wearing masks and other things they could do to stay healthy. The commercials were animated using the ChatterKid app.
Our younger students did many projects and activities using KidPix on our iPads. A favorite project at the end of the year was to design a custom shoe using drawing tools, paint bucket fill, stamps, and text.
Another fun activity was to use colors and textured brushes to create a spring flower garden.

We also spent several weeks using Code Spark Academy to learn about coding and problem solving skills. They learned about loops and if/then statements and discovered some of the basics of how their favorite games are developed.

These are only a few of the things we worked on this year. They students rose to the challenges of this year and did some amazing work! I am proud of them! I hope you all have a great summer!

Online Learning Week for K – 5 – April 13 – Crazy Characters

For this week’s technology class, I would like you to read the 3D Crazy Characters eBook which was written by the 2nd graders. Click on the link below to open up the book to read it. (If you use the Chrome or Safari browser, there will be a READ TO ME button in the top right corner.) Older students, you may remember making these crazy characters when you were in second grade – your job this week is to encourage the younger students!


When you are done, you may leave a comment at this blog post to tell the second graders what you liked about this book. Click up at the top title where it says “comments”. Older students, be sure you are thoughtful and kind in your comment to support and encourage the 2nd graders. (Younger students may need a grown-up to help them write the comment.) Please only use your first name (NO LAST NAMES, NO EMAIL). Miss Bosch will check all comments before they are posted.


Use a technology tool like a computer or an iPad to draw a picture or write a story about a crazy character that you invent. (Second graders or students who did this project in the past, you may also draw or write the new or continuing adventures of your 3D crazy character!) If you want, your parents may email your project to me so I can see it. Have fun and be creative – don’t just do the same thing you did in your book!



  • Use Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, or Google Docs on a computer or iPad (see an adult for help to find these tools to use).
  • Book Creator App(NOTE: this is a paid app – wonderful options for book building, drawing, audio, video, and creativity! This is the app we used to make our Crazy Character book! Worth the price!)
  • Any other option that lets you make a story is fine, too!

Parents, you can also download the Crazy Characters eBook at iTunes for free if you have an iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer:

3D Crazy Characters iTunes Download

3D Crazy Characters eBook 2020


I’m excited to share that our second graders’ eBook, “3D Crazy Characters”, is now available for online viewing. The book features 3D characters designed with the Morphi app. The 3D files were printed on our Dremel 3D40 and 3D20 Ideabuilder printers using white filament which were colored with Sharpie markers. We used the Book Creator app to combine the 3D characters, background illustrations, and stories into one eBook. Sadly, this year because of the Covid 19 virus we were not able to record the narrations of the story. The book also includes information on how we created the characters and eBook. (You can read more about how we created and printed the characters here.)

“3D Crazy Characters” also is available for free download on over 50 Apple Books stores all over the world! If you have an iPhone, iPad, iPad, or Mac computer you can download the book onto your device to keep for viewing anywhere and to save as a memory for the future!

To download onto iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Mac Computer: You will need to use an iPhone, iPod, iPad, or Mac with the free Apple Books app installed on it. Use this link to download the ebook:

3D Crazy Characters iTunes Download

We hope you enjoy reading our book! We’d love it if you could leave a rating or a review at Apple Books

Kindergarten Technology Class January 2020

In January, the kindergarten students started coming to the computer lab for Technology class. We are using KidPix software to learn to draw and click using the mouse. Because most younger students have only used tablets, learning to use a mouse is a new challenge that can be surprisingly tricky at first!

We began learning to use a mouse by drawing “spaghetti” lines. Students have used a pencil tool to draw and have learned to change colors and size of lines. They also have drawn with chalk, crayon, and marker tools.

Next, students worked on controlling their mouse by drawing a picture of a cat.

We also used straight lines to draw a house!

Kindergarteners will continue to learn about using different KidPix tools including stamps, paint bucket fill, textured lines, and text boxes as they grow their technology skills.

KidPix Funny Leaf People 2019

Here come the funny leaf people! In this KidPix lesson, the first graders learned to create and type their name in a text box. Then they followed 4 steps to decorate their leaf person using stamps, flipped stamps, lines, and paintbrush tools! Here is a gallery sharing all of their leaf people! Click on a picture to see a larger view. (Note: a few students were absent last Tuesday when we made these pictures, so they won’t have a picture.)

Note to teachers: Although we did this in KidPix, this would work great in Pages or Keynote on an iPad. Students could photograph a leaf, then use the drawing tools and shapes to decorate!

Second Grade Sentence Stretchers 2019

The second graders have been using KidPix to learn about ways to use computers to type, edit, illustrate, and erase. Recently, they made “sentence stretcher” stories. They learned/reviewed how to type, resize, center, and edit text in a text box. They chose between a variety of drawing and stamp tools to illustrate their sentences. They also were able to use eraser/undo tools to help them as they illustrated their stories.

This lesson supports the second grade Common Core standard:

Produce, expand, and rearrange complete simple and compound sentences.

The second graders did a great job working on these stories. Click on each image to see it in a larger size.

Here is a gallery showing their stories. (Note: a few students were absent when we worked on this project, so their stories might be missing.)

2nd Grade KidPix Ocean Reefs 2019

The second graders recently completed ocean reef pictures during our technology class. We first viewed a video about coral reefs before starting our pictures.

In this assignment students learned/reviewed how to:

  • save and open files
  • use paint, fill, and drawing tools
  • use, resize, and edit stamps
  • make and type in a text box
  • use the caps lock and delete keys

The student pictures are very colorful and turned out great. Here is a gallery showing their pictures – you can click on an image to see a larger view. (Note: if you child was absent on Monday when we completed this project their picture will be missing.)

Third Grade Autobiographies 2019

This week the 3rd graders finished their autobiography stories and illustrations that they made using KidPix software. In this lesson, the students:

  • saved and opened a file
  • used the paint bucket to fill the background
  • created a text box
  • typed their autobiography
  • used a variety of drawing tools to illustrate their story
  • used the “eyedropper” to match the background to create a colored “eraser”

It was great to see that the third graders can type longer stories in one sitting and also can move easily between multiple tools in KidPix. Here are their autobiographies – click on the image to enlarge. (Note: a few students were absent on Wednesday when we finished this project so their work will be missing.)

First Grade Selfie Stories 2019

The first graders recently used KidPix to create a “selfie story.” This project required the students to type several sentences using the caps lock, letter, and punctuation keys. They also needed to follow multiple steps using pencil, shape, paint, and stamp tools to create their self-portraits. I was pleased to see the students’ growth as they worked through complex directions to make their stories and pictures. Here is a gallery showing their stories (click to enlarge):

Kindergarten KidPix Flowers

On Friday in the computer lab, the kindergarten students used the “wacky brush” tool in our KidPix software to draw flowers. Students had to click between colors and brush tools and control the mouse to make their drawings. I took a photo of the students with their drawings when they were done. (My apologies if someone was missed!) Here is a gallery showing their work :

We also learned how to launch and quit KidPix. We will be continuing to work on learning various tools that will help our computer skills to grow.