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Fifth Grade Technology Reflection 2017

Think back over all things you have done with computers or iPads during the time you have been at SCS Elementary School. Please leave a comment of at least 3 sentences reflecting on the following questions:

What is one thing using technology that you learned or improved this year?

What was your favorite project or activity in technology class (either this year or any year in elementary school)?

What is one thing you would like to learn to do using technology in the future?

Thanks for all your hard work this year! Miss Bosch

What is a Digital Footprint/Tattoo?

Thursday the fifth grade classes are discussing what a “digital footprint”/”digital tattoo” is.  We talked about why it is important to have a good online reputation and what things we can do on social media that can hurt our online reputation.  We are learning about this in preparation for our upcoming unit using the Edmodo online community.

Students, please leave a comment of 2 or 3 sentences (with good spelling and punctuation).  Please share:

  • What you learned about “Digital Footprints/Tattoos?”
  • How you can make a good digital footprint/tattoo for yourself?
  • Things that can hurt your digital footprint/tattoo?
  • Why it is important to have a good digital footprint/tattoo?
  • How does this go along with our “Whatever” theme this month of being honorable?

Sphero Lesson Self Reflections 2015

Here are the spreadsheets/graphs created by each class showing the data we collected while using our Spheros:

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 11.03.54 AM Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 11.01.11 AM

(Click image to view larger)

Students, I want you to leave a comment on our blog reflecting on the Sphero activity. Remember, no last names. Write several sentences telling me:

1. What did you like about using the Spheros? What did you learn about using them?

2. What things were tricky about using the Spheros? How did you solve your problems with using them?

3. How did you have to use math while you did the Target Practice activity?

4. What is an idea of something you would like to learn how to do using the Sphero (a trick you would like to make it do)? Be creative!

Here is a link where you can purchase Sphero on Amazon. (We receive a small percentage of any purchases that helps buy technology that our students can use.)