Funny Leaf People 2015

On Friday, the first graders created these awesome funny leaf people! We used KidPix and some leaves that I had scanned for the students. In this lesson, the students learned to double click to open folders and files. (Not an easy task for a first grader!) They then made a text box to type their name and then independently followed a series of directions using several different drawing tools. They also practiced editing/flipping stamps! Their leaf people are really awesome!

Here are Animoto videos showing all of their funny leaves:

Teacher’s Notes: This project would also work with an iPad. Have students find their own leaf and photograph it on a plain background. Then insert the photo into your favorite drawing app to add faces and hair.

Animoto is a free app that I like to use to quickly create video slideshows of student work. Here is a link where you can apply for a free teacher account:

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