Hello Summer 2020!

Thank you to all students for your great work on our Technology Class assignments while we were doing school at home. Many of you sent me pictures and videos of what you did and I really enjoyed seeing your work!

If you are looking for something to do this week or during the summer, I’d suggest that you go back to previous posts on this blog and do any activities or links that you didn’t get to work on or that you enjoyed! Use Learning Links to help you find keyboarding, coding, avatar designers, and lots of other great activities:

Learning Links

Also, here is a post with links to many awesome free iPad apps that an adult can download for you:

Daily Free Apps for Kids

Apple has a great list of 30 Creative Activities for Kids.

I hope everyone has a wonderful summer! Stay safe and healthy and I hope to see you again in person very soon!


  1. Michael E says:

    Dear Mrs. Bosch,

    You are a great Technology teacher!

    Thank you for teaching me how to be better at Technology. You had fun things planned for us and it was great.

    I will see you in third grade and I hope you have a great summer!


  2. Karen Bosch says:

    Thanks so much Micheal for all your great work in technology class! Have a great summer and hope to see you when we are back in school!

  3. Naia says:

    Mrs. Bosch, I miss you! I miss doing Technology with you in school. Since corona, my favorite assignment was when you gave us that avatar assignment. Did you like mine?

  4. Karen Bosch says:

    Hi Naia, I’ve missed seeing you, too! I’m glad you liked making the avatars. Yes, I saw your DC hero that you made! You did an awesome job!

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