Kindergarten Storytelling with Feltboard and Educreations


Over the past few weeks the kindergarten classes have been using the Feltboard app on our iPads to build scenes. While building their pictures, students learned to pinch to resize graphics and to delete pictures using the recycle bin.  It always is fun to listen to students as they build their scenes, because often they are narrating the story of their pictures to themselves.


On Friday, students saved their pictures, then I helped them upload them into the Educreations app where they were able to record a story telling about their pictures.  Click on the links below to listen to the stories. (Note: Not sure all stories were uploaded, I will be double checking.)

Joseph’s story

Karis’s story

Ryan’s story

Kimora’s story

Will’s story

Alexis’s story

Destiny’s story

Ethan’s story

Laila’s story

Laila N”s story

Michael’s story

Ronin’s story

Nathan’s story

Maliah’s story

Sanyiah’s story

Caramia’s story

Bryson’s story

Allison’s story

Lucas’s story

Alana’s story

Caleb’s story

Sarah’s story

Christian’s story

Jacob’s story

The Feltboard app currently costs $2.99 on iTunes. It is a fun and easy creative app for younger learners!

Educreations is a free app that allows you to record audio and create screencasts.

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